The first Democratic Party budget from the Senate in four years calls for a 62% increase in federal spending over the next ten years.

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Fiddling while Rome burns: The first Democratic Party budget from the Senate in four years calls for a 62% increase in federal spending over the next ten years.

The worst aspect of this story is that this is what the voters requested in the November elections. Bankruptcy, here we come!



  • joe

    This is what happens when you give away the store, and when you cheapen the brand, and when you give illegals free citizenship and you dont have to pay your dues, and when you dilute citizenship and your currency you just become another place over ruled with tyranny, when you create a class warfare that had not existed in this country ever. where you create a proletariate that hate the rich and where the rich say to heck with it. We are done!

  • Jim

    Its laughable. There are no grown-ups in Washington. I see that the Washington Post ripped them apart for this.

  • Publius 2

    I’m going to say what very few in the media or elsewhere will say: The people did NOT choose this last November. The election was a fraud, and even a cursory glance at the numbers reveals it. Here’s a simple solution: One of the pollsters, Gallup or Rasmussen, should ask voters in the presidential election these two questions: 1) Did you vote for John McCain in 2008? 2) Did you vote for Mitt Romney in 2012? My strong guess is that the results will show no significant deterioration in numbers from McCain to Romney and in fact an increase. If so, what will the GOP do? Will its leaders have the courage to call for a full-fledged investigation into vote suppression? Why haven’t they done so already, when a number of precincts showed 100 percent of the vote for Obama — a mathematical impossibility. Who among our public officials has the courage and loyalty to the Constitution to stand up and demand answers? I fear that if they have not done so about Benghazi — the biggest scandal in presidential history — then they won’t about anything else.

  • Jim

    If you think that the Republicans lost the last election because of voter fraud, you’re resigning to lose the next election as well, because you are living in a world that says policy does not matter. You should consider that just maybe Republicans lost the last election because the policies they suggest, as stated by Romney, are not accepted by the majority of the American people. Romney lost by 5M votes and over 100 electoral votes. If you think that was accomplished by voter fraud, then I just don’t know what to say, except that if that becomes the take of the Republican Party, it is doomed to fail again. It is nothing more than a loser’s lament. and the next conspiracy theory.

  • wodun

    Looking at the final vote tally, Romney got more votes than McCain and Obama got less than he did in 08. State by state, it was a very close election. A change of a couple tens of thousands of votes could have meant an Obama loss. The narrow margin disappears when looking at the total popular and electoral vote counts.

    Was their vote fraud? Of course there was just like there is in every election. Was it on the scale to swing the vote in every battleground state? No. Romney did not lose because of voter fraud.

    Why is it surprising that 100% of the vote in an all black district went to Obama when Obama’s campaign was based on calling Republicans racists, bigots, homophobes, and misogynists that wanted to kill the elderly, starve the poor, and put black people back in chains?

    Obama was incredibly effective with his messageing.

    There were two different elections taking place. Republicans thought the important issues were the economy, debt, foreign policy, the wars, ect but Obama didn’t campaign on those issues, except to fend off criticism. Obama turned the election into a cultural referendum where he painted the GOP as the other that wanted to do harm because they were racist or bigoted in some way against each group he microtargeted.

  • Steve C

    I assume the 67% increase is on top of the 115% increase from baseline budgeting.

  • Government workers and their families vote democrat. The government will continue to get bigger until the final collapse. The tipping point was way back there [pointing over my shoulder.] You missed it.

  • JGL

    I think what has to be recognized is the fact that Obama, and I hate to have to admit this in the America that I personally live in which is devoid of prejudice or disrespect, because of his skin color and party affiliation gets a pass. Politicians and the public in general are concerned that they not be seen as stereo typing him or being racist and that is leveraged to an advantage.

    As sad as that is for me to have to admit. I see that as an extreme example of a self perpetuating weakness.

    If Obama was a Republican he would be treated as though he was not authentically “Black” and he would be rejected and vilified just like Condi Rice, Allen West, Thomas Sowel, Roy Innis, Herman Cain, Justice Thomas, etc, etc, and coming soon, Dr. Ben Carson.

  • Pzatchok

    The republicans lost the last two elections because the 4th estate finally just tossed out all pretense and went all left.

    The US has lost its most powerful non political voice. The media. They chose a side and no matter what that side will always get the benefit of the doubt.

    The fact that republicans and conservatives especially are still winning other elections says a lot. It says this nation is still right leaning. That after 60 years of the progressive agenda slowly taking power the people still see the republicans as a viable and in many cases the very best choice.

    If the majority of the media went back to being fair and balanced, to borrow a quote, the left wouldn’t stand a chance. If the democrats were attacked and demonized like the republicans they would win fewer and fewer elections each year.

    We, the right, need to take back power exactly like the progressives did. Slowly step by step. First the schools and thus the students, then with those students the media, through the media a wider portion of society, and through that new political ground.
    But we will get nothing if we do not start at the beginning, the students.

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