The first sex in space!

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The competition really heats up! A porno company has started a crowd-sourcing campaign to raise $3.4 million so it can shoot a porno film in space by 2016.

This project is even sillier than Mars One and a bigger publicity stunt. And I think it probably has a better chance of happening!



  • Kirk

    “We’ve projected that the overall cost of this pioneering endeavor will run us about $3.4 million.”

    60% of that is budgeted for two passengers on an orbital (not sub-orbital) “consumer space shuttle”, expected to “launch late 2016”. Heck, NASA should outright cancel Commercial Crew and buy some of those $1 million seats.

    The perks, some including the final product, have an estimated delivery date of May 2016, so they must be planning to build a time machine with the all the money they will have left over.

    Amazingly, this is a “fix funding” drive, so unlike “flexible funding”, they don’t receive a dime unless they make the full $3.4 million in the next 60 days. I’d have thought that they would have chosen to taken whatever was offered. Perhaps the pron industry does have scruples.

  • Kirk

    Recall that Mars One’s $400,000 IndieGoGo campaign to help pay for the Mission Concept Studies of their hoped for 2018 robotic orbiter and lander was via “flexible funding”, so they received their cut of the $313,744 which was actually pledged. I don’t grudge them that, but what was dishonest is that many of the rewards (Mars Orbit Selfie, Parachute Message to Mars, Send your Picture to Mars) could only be fulfilled if the mission flew, and while their “Risks and Challenges” section discussed things such as launch failure, nowhere was it mentioned that flying the mission required raising three orders of magnitude more money for the actual hardware.

  • I would be much surprised if there hasn’t already been sex in space.

  • I think there has been only one opportunity, but my memory here however is foggy, There was a married astronaut couple during the shuttle era that I think flew together on one mission. If my memory is right they could have done it, but if so never admitted to it.

    Then again, it is possible they were never together in space. I just can’t remember the details.

  • STS-47. I remember it because it wasn’t NASA policy to fly married couples on the same flight. Mark Lee and Jan Davis were married. I’ve seen the mockup of the Shuttle crew compartment at Houston, and it’s small, especially for the seven people on that flight. Whose to say? Certainly the crew would never admit to it.

  • LocalFluff

    This is it! Now we’ll go to space in a big way. Porn is what made internet big business. Every animal on this planet understands porn.

  • PeterF

    It will be clumsy and amateurish. It will also have the opportunity to be the highest grossing movie of all time. Unlike most porn it will have to be rehearsed. Not because of the sex, but because moving around in microgravity has it’s own challenges.

  • Maurice Levie

    I remembered the russians tried this already, and it wasn’t successful

  • You are going to have to provide some references and specifics, because I do not think you are correct. I have studied the Russian effort in space in great detail, including interviewing dozens of astronauts, engineers and managers face-to-face in Moscow when I was doing research for my book Leaving Earth. Not only did none of them ever hint of any attempts at sex in space, there was never an opportunity as far as I could find. They have only had a handful of Russian women fly in space, and every one of them flew in very controlled circumstances that would have made doing sex difficult if not impossible. They certainly couldn’t have kept it secret.

  • Steve C

    For this flight, NASA changed the existing procedure of having the crew all sleep at the same time to having a Blue and Red crew doing 24 hour operations. I can not prove but suspect NASA split the couple up between shifts.

  • PeterF

    Just thought I would point out that sex doesn’t require a married couple. And according to the LGBT crowd, it doesn’t require a woman (or alternately a man). A major problem I can see is that the station would eventually be like living in a snow globe…

  • Maurice Levie

    I’ll have to dig it up – this is pre-internet. From what I remember it was an official attempt and all 3 parties particpated. keep in mind that in “those days” this kind of material was never made public, or made it through lines of gatekeepers. The private lives of VIPs such as astro/cosmo-nauts and presidents were kept private (both Wehrner Von Braun and his entourage from the 3rd reich nor JFK wouldn’t be so lucky today) so don’t think you’ll read from it in the sterilized annals :-)

  • I remain extremely skeptical. I know of no “official attempt” involving “3 parties.” And trust me, my research sources both here in the U.S. and in Russia are not “sterilized annals.”

  • Cotour

    Its not sex in space that is the problem, that will get done how ever it gets done, ropes, belts, flying gyroscopic bananas and of course duct tape . The problem is pregnancy in space.

    I suspect that a human pregnancy without gravity keeping things where things need to be, primarily for the mother, may prove to be very complicated and filled with unreasonable risk.

  • Kirk

    > It’s not sex in space that is the problem, … . The problem is pregnancy in space.

    Fortunately, there is cutting-edge research underway to develop technology which will allow sex without pregnancy.

  • Lcon

    Given the close confines and number of crew members of the Space shuttle and the highly Rigid scheduled regime of NASA I highly Doubt there was any Thumping in the Airlock of a non mechanical nature on any Shuttle Flight or ISS. A Russian Crew might have had more opportunities to try given there looser connection to ground control in Mir or Suyuz but there has never been nor would there ever be a admitted to Authorized or unauthorized “Docking Maneuver” between crew members by any of the major space agencies. They are to conservative by their nature. Chances of one in the future are higher if we return to beyond earth orbit flights for long duration. Particularly if said flights include extended Radio Blackouts.
    This flight is a PR stunt to be clear, yet by it’s nature this is also about as close to a true controlled experiment into human coupling in micro Gravity as any will get. Of course the most important part of Scientific research in the field of Micro gravity coupling. Insemination, development and coming to term would likely be prevented. This still would be a first step for manned space flight.

  • Cotour

    When writing such responses you must include a sarcasm alert for Edward, he is sarcasm challenged.

    Speaking of which, where is he?

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