The head of the Interior Department has ordered the shutdown of a century-old California oyster company.

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We’re here to help you: The head of the Interior Department has ordered the shutdown of a century-old California oyster company.

Two key quotes from the article illustrate the foolishness and oppressive nature of this decision:

There were still unanswered questions as Lunny, his son, Sean, and daughter, Brigid, tried to comfort longtime customers. One was what Lunny is expected to do with the millions of oysters that are still in plastic grow bags in the bay, many of which won’t reach market size for another two years. The order requires him to immediately begin bringing them onshore. “We’ve got 5 to 10 million juvenile oysters out there,” Lunny said. “So what do we do with these oysters, just kill them all? That would be forcing us to destroy the entire inventory, which has incredible financial consequences.”

So, in order to save the environment Salazar requires these oyster farmers to destroy it.

Park officials had long contended that the oyster company was harming the ecosystem, but Lunny’s supporters accused them of selectively presenting information, misrepresenting facts and essentially fudging data in an effort to oust the oyster company. The complaints gained momentum when the National Academy of Sciences, and the Interior Department’s office of the solicitor found major flaws in Park Service reports, including what they termed mistake-ridden and, in some cases, biased work by park scientists.

Meanwhile, the destruction of these oysters and the jobs of the people who work for this company is based on lies.

Doesn’t it just warm your heart how much good the Obama administration is doing for us?


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  • Pzatchok

    This is what happened in the education industry.

    People with a single political view gain access and instead of enforcing the standing rules and laws try to change everything to their way.
    If you don’t like how the schools are being run then get on the school board. Even if your ultimate goal is the minority view point. Don’t like whats being taught become a teacher.
    Don’t like how the environment is being managed but you in the minority, go ahead and become the managers. Then go ahead and change the rules.

    If these oysters are not native to the area they are now after 80 years of cultivation. removing the oyster farm under the guise that you want to protect the environment from the oysters is idiotic. The environment has already been changed.
    Unless you have a plan in place to return it back to before the oysters came then your only real goal has been to remove the farm.

    This is one of the worlds lowest impact farming techniques known. Just hang the oysters in the water.

    More than likely the farm was placed there in the first place because the oysters are native to the area and thus they grow well there.

  • wodun

    “Even if your ultimate goal is the minority view point. Don’t like whats being taught become a teacher.”

    That would be easier if four years of teacher education were not required. But having said that, all my best teachers came from the real world.

  • wodun

    I should add that it is critically important that teachers know how to teach and that is not something that is inherently known, especially for “smart” people,

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