The House is about to vote on a trillion dollar spending bill that no one has really read.

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This sums it up: The House is about to vote on a trillion dollar spending bill that no one has really read.

It might include some specific cuts, but in general this budget plan is a surrender to more spending.

The only real solution to this madness, however, really rests with the voters. The spenders in both parties have to be fired, and the only way to do that is to fire them. Sadly, I see no sign of that happening in the hardcore Democratic states such as New York, California, and Illinois, to name just a few. There, the voters are so partisan that they’d rather die than vote for a Republican. And die they will.

Among Republican voters at least there is pressure from the right to spend less. To make it effective, however, the voters still have to do some firing, as far too many Republicans elected officials are willing to go along to get along.



  • J. Schneider

    The US federal budget could be cut easily by 20%, across the board, with minimum hurt to any sentient citizen.

    The US Dept of Education could simply be eliminated, as in, the US got to the Moon with no such thing, education was managed by the states and municipalities.

    The Farm Bill could be gutted, as in, does anyone out there really think Americans are not adequately fed, or at least the food isn’t available? Look at those walking through a Walmart someday.

    There is no reason for the federal government to have anything to do with an individual’s health. It is not in the Constitution. Free of mandate, insurance options would be created, just like high or low risk auto insurance. The citizen’s personal responsibility is the fundamental source of freedom.

    The TSA, or Homeland Security, should have never existed, as in, the airlines are fully invested in secure flight and would manage it efficiently for their own survival with little gov’t oversight.

    Likewise the National Airspace System managed by the commercial sector.

    US military pensions could be given as they are with reservists, at 60 yrs of age; since reservists now encounter the same deployments and risks as active duty.

    The fact is US professional politicians just want POWER over people, regardless of Party. It is their identity in the absence of any other productive competence. As those who travel know there is so much hypocrisy in the US federal government it has become an international joke.

  • Don

    So much waste, so many ways to spend it. Boehner and the House leaderships must go. They will deliver us up to amnesty for illegals and that will add another $6000 billion in spending.

  • Edward

    “The Democrats chose illegal alien fraud over our nation’s veterans in at least two votes.”

    We have known for decades that illegal aliens (or misdimeanant aliens, for those who don’t like the former phrase), were a high priority of Democrats and veterans a low priority. In fact, they often are a higher priority than US citizens — you know, those of us who actually pay the taxes and vote. Democrats don’t put much store in the law, except when it benefits them.

    Oh, that’s right. The misdimeanant aliens have been voting for decades.

    “[W]hy on Earth would any Republican vote for it?”

    Who was it who said, last year, ‘with Republicans like that, who needs Democrats?’

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