The House today passed the Republican 2013 budget, 228-191.

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The House today passed the Republican 2013 budget, 228-191.

Ten Republicans voted no. All Democrats voted no.

Though this budget might not be perfect, at least it makes an effort to face the budget situation. Note also that the Democrats have now rejected their own President’s budget as well as the Republican budget. In addition, the Democratic leadership in the Democratically-controlled Senate has already said they won’t pass a budget this year, the fourth year in a row.

The country is sinking in debt caused by the federal government. It behooves these elected officials to deal with it. That the Democrats won’t tells us much about their lack of qualifications for office.


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  • Kelly Starks

    Ryans one of the few admirable politicians I can think of, and hes taking the heat, adn doing a god job.

    Well, given Romney and Ryan are close on this stuff – I expect Romney will be following this playbook.

  • Susan

    Mr. Zimmerman – I heard you on John Batchelor’s show last night and you referred to a Congressman from Texas by the name of Ralph Paul. Was it Ron Paul you were referring to? At first I thought perhaps it was an accent that was making “Ron” sound like “Ralph,” but you said the name several times and each time I definitely heard “Ralph.”

  • Susan

    Thanks…I mis-heard the last name where I thought I was mis-hearing the first.

  • Chris Kirkendall

    What a joke! Just how BAD was Obama’s budget that not a single Dem was willing to vote for it, going down 414-0 in the House? Think about that – not even the most stridently partisan, Obama-defending Dems – Jan Schakowsky, Maxine Waters, Charlie Rangel, Barney Frank – NONE of ’em wanted to be associated with it in any way & then run for re-election this fall. And Harry Reid won’t even allow the budget the Repubs passed in the House to be brought up for a vote in the Senate – well over 1,000 days since the Senate passed a budget, only a handful of days from 3 full years, and as you point out, there’s no intention of doing so anytime this year. That is a complete dereliction of duty, and tells us who’s really serious about addressing the budget & deficit problems, and who’s NOT…

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