The House today voted to hold former IRS official Lois Lerner in contempt.

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The House today voted to hold former IRS official Lois Lerner in contempt.

The case now heads to Eric Holder’s Justice Department. I would not hold my breath waiting for them to uphold the law.



  • And the media will not report it. I think the more destressing thing is almost the whole Democratic party has no interest in justice here. So sure they are they will control levers of power for all time to attack they political enemies they no longer fear punishment for breaking the law. Then again was it really so different under Clinton? Other than the economy was good and we could afford to be stupid

  • Cotour

    That’s like when Chris Christy hired his own investigator, paid for by the people of New Jersey, and the investigator surprisingly found that he had no involvement in the G. Washington bridge politically motivated lane closings. At the time I heard the results I thought, he might as well have had his wife investigate him. Of course the desired end result is to attempt to control the story narrative and being able to point to an “official” document that reveals his non involvement.

    Obama, Holder, Leherner are all in the same family and are unable to present anything other than their self interested version of events. The Congress will have to drag this thing to a proper resolution.

  • wodun

    “Democratic party has no interest in justice here.”

    Oh, they have an interest in justice. It is just that their view of justice is grinding their domestic political opponents into dust by whatever means necessary. They don’t care that Obama used the IRS to persecute political dissidents because they think Tea Party, other conservative groups, individuals and donors deserved what they got, aka justice.

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