The IRS harassment of conservatives continues.

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The IRS harassment of conservatives continues.

The massive abuse of government power by the Obama administration against their conservative opponents nationwide makes anything done in New Jersey by Chris Christie’s underlings seem petty and inconsequential.



  • wodun

    It isn’t just that conservative groups and individuals have been targeted by the IRS. The process itself is being used as a punishment. The IRS could have simply turned down their request for tax exempt status but instead they do years of investigations. But if the IRS just turned down these groups, they would not get the detailed information needed for opposition research. Also, they wouldn’t find other previously unknown enemies that need to be audited.

  • wade

    they are attempting to Seize my Property and Belongings over an original amount of $300 from nearly 14 years ago that has Silently amassed to More than my holdings are Worth,with interest mind you, while the current with holdings of my weekly pay Exceeds $273.

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