The IRS has told a House investigation that almost 90 IRS agents were involved in harassment scandal.

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The IRS has told a House investigation that almost 90 IRS agents were involved in harassment scandal.

If I was Obama and had anything at all to do with this policy, I would be very very nervous. With this many IRS agents involved it will be impossible to control this scandal. Someone is going to spill the beans and tell us who established this harassment policy, and it certainly wasn’t some “low level rogue agents”, as Lois Lerner first claimed.



  • JGL

    You assume that hard ball will be played. If the republicans do not play that way now with this kind of ammunition I think we can assume that they are unwilling to push it either because:

    1. they are concerned to take Obama or key parts of his administration down for the obvious politically correct reasons or

    2. because the two party’s are essentially one and We The People have just been delivered further down the government control model.


    3. They take him down as they should and begin the push back.

    Which one do you think is more likely?

  • I do not know. My pessimistic side says a combination of 1 and 2 will occur. However, the increasing power and boldness of tea party legislators gives me a ray of hope that #3 will occur.

    We shall see.

  • JGL

    A notice should be posted by congress ” anyone testifying under oath in these hearings is advised to be wearing Depends”.

  • D. K. Williams

    It’s not just the House investigation that may expose these crooks. Even the press (well, some of them) are digging for information.”

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