The IRS scandal spreads.

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The IRS scandal spreads.

This article does an excellent job of connecting the dots, both in terms of who and when, based on what we now know, from solid evidence. The author’s conclusion:

We now have a sitting Democrat congressman, Elijah Cummings, a sitting Democrat senator, Sheldon Whitehouse, the Federal Elections Commission, the U.S. Department of Justice, and the Internal Revenue Service all implicated in the scandal. Flax’s involvement puts the abuse squarely into the IRS commissioner’s office. But it takes an entity above all of those agencies to coordinate their actions. That entity can only be the White House.

Flax worked for the head of the IRS at the time, proving once again that this harassment was not instigated by “low-level employees in Cincinnati”, as claimed by Lois Lerner.



  • wodun

    “But it takes an entity above all of those agencies to coordinate their actions. That entity can only be the White House.”

    This ^^

  • Cotour

    Until you have someone inside maneuvered into, for what ever reason, becoming willing to say that their orders came from a particular person or persons from the White House in the form of testimony / evidence, plausible deniability remains intact. They remain in the in-between sphere of politics and law.

  • wodun

    It’s like the mob, orders travel through so many intermediaries it will be impossible to track down who gave the original order. There won’t be a piece of paper with Obama’s or Jarrett’s signature.

  • Cotour

    A good analogy, although the world of politics is a bit different. Politics is the interface between the need for governance which can be an amorphous gray area that can appear unjust to the observer (citizens) at the edges and law which is more of a clear line between black and white. This governance entity state of being was what the founders had to flesh out to determine how the system might successfully operate. I think they did the best job to date, brilliant work!

    The president, Congress and the Judicial branches of our government and the empowered people that inhabit those positions enjoy the “flexibility” of this amorphous state of being, the mob however does not and must live in the hard world of black and white law. Government exists before law in many ways due to its need to maneuver and operate but is constrained and limited by certain rules of operation as per the Constitution, the mob comes after the law and has no such flexibility and operates after law.

    Although both operate through force, fear, lies, coercion and intimidation and it is well understood that both by their nature are corrupt and corruptible.

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