The Juan Williams firing, in his own words

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The Juan Williams firing, in his own words. Key quote:

This is an outrageous violation of journalistic standards and ethics by management that has no use for a diversity of opinion, ideas or a diversity of staff (I was the only black male on the air). This is evidence of one-party rule and one sided thinking at NPR that leads to enforced ideology, speech and writing. It leads to people, especially journalists, being sent to the gulag for raising the wrong questions and displaying independence of thought.

Daniel Schorr, my fellow NPR commentator who died earlier this year, used to talk about the initial shock of finding himself on President Nixon’s enemies list. I can only imagine Dan’s revulsion to realize that today NPR treats a journalist who has worked for them for ten years with less regard, less respect for the value of independence of thought and embrace of real debate across political lines, than Nixon ever displayed.

As I said yesterday, defund them.



  • LINO

    Defund them? Big deal. It would be largely symbolic. The funding represents less than 3% of their income.

    Boycott them! Tune away!
    Listen to sports radio instead!
    Read a book.

  • Montana

    Good for NPR, Juan Williams slant belongs to “Fake News” with the rest of the failed political candidates Palin, Huckabee, or should I say the 2012 GOP Presidential contenders. They are not bigots, I repeat they are not bigots; they are just the good old boys. They are the same bunch that keep telling us to be scared of BLACKS, scared of ASIANS, sacred of LATINOS, scared of WOMEN, scared of GAYS and now it’s be scared of Muslims. So long Johnny, don’t let the door hit you. I love that you went crying to “Fake News” and played the victim card, I guess it’s another “it is a high-tech lynching”, but it sure got him a new contract, but I guess somehow this silenced him, right?

  • California here we come

    Oh come on Montana, NPR is socialist at best and is strictly liberal in its bias. If they are so good, then they won’t miss the funding and people like you and all other liberals [Soros et all] I’m sure will support them, just like Air America, that smashing success.

  • Richard

    When will NPR fire Nina Totenberg and other left wing hacks. She went way outside the bounds of journalism in her attack on Clarence Thomas.

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