The lawyer for True The Vote — one of the groups targeted by the IRS and other federal agencies for harassment — has just issued a very blunt letter to the Department of Justice that puts them and the IRS very much in the hot seat.

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The IRS time bomb ticks some more: The lawyer for True The Vote — one of the groups targeted by the IRS and other federal agencies for harassment — has just issued a very blunt letter to the Department of Justice that puts them and the IRS very much in the hot seat.

Read it all. The legalities here are not in favor of the Obama administration and the IRS. They are very exposed. The last few paragraphs of MItchell’s letter illustrate this quite starkly:

In addition to seeking responses to the questions in this letter, we also seek your consent to immediately allow a computer forensics expert selected by TTV to examine the computer(s) that is or are purportedly the source of Ms. Lerner’s “lost” emails, including cloning the hard drives, and to attempt to restore what was supposedly “lost,” and to seek to restore any and all “lost” evidence pertinent to this litigation.

We also seek access to all computers, both official and personal, used by any and all of the Defendants from and after July 1, 2010, in order to ensure preservation of the documents of all Defendants in this action.

We wish to resolve our concerns amicably but, absent your consent, we will file such motions as deemed necessary and appropriate asking the Court to require that you respond to the questions contained in this letter, and to permit such forensic examination described herein and for such other relief as may be appropriate for this egregious breach of legal authority and professional ethics.

Due to the time-sensitive and urgent nature of this request, please respond by noon on Wednesday, June 18, 2014.

These demands are entirely legal and routine in lawsuits with circumstances such as this. Even the most partisan Democratic judges in the courts are going to find it very difficult to protect the IRS and the Obama administration here.

As was said over and over and over again during the Watergate scandal in the 1970s, it wasn’t the crime so much as the coverup that destroyed Richard Nixon. It looks like the same thing might be happening to Barack Obama.



  • Thunderbunny

    I’m not so sure. Even though I’m an atheist- it’s almost as if the devil himself is on Obama’s side.

  • mpthompson

    Judge or no judge, it is now clear the elites are not going to let the peasants upset the status quo. Those email will no more see the light of day than Obama college transcripts.

  • DK Williams

    We are now officially a “banana republic.”

  • Kelly Starks

    Dear Mr Mitchell ,
    We of the IRS are of course fully willing to comply with this and all legal requests for information. As a agency we full support our mandate for transparency, ethical behavior…………..::more BS::………………………..::more BS::…………………………………………::more BS::……………………………
    …regrettable a freak accident with our sprinkler systems has destroyed all those records and the computers they were stored on……..

  • Cotour

    If you are going to go with that devil / God logic than you are going to have to attach morality to the the government itself and government really has no morality. It may appear to have morality or a sense of right and wrong but that is really an illusion projected by individuals that can and do have a morality.

    I think a more productive perspective to have is that Obama and his blatantly un Constitutional actions will galvanize the people which over time will result in a re Connection with the Constitution and what it attempts to achieve, the counter balance to abuse of power, as is the Constitutions design. And make no mistake about it that is where Obama finds himself, whether by design which you would have to assume because he is suppose to be a Constitutional “scholar” or happenstance.

  • Cotour

    And this IMO can be argued is one of the ultimate goals of Obamas actions. Consciously? Subconsciously? In addition to reparations? Arguments can be made based on the actual things that he has said, done and by the people he has put in power in, as he loves to self reference “MY” administration. People of America are learning first hand that there really are consequences to elections. Lets be hopeful that the lessons are learned and they reject what will be presented to them as the standard choices for leadership in the coming elections. Civilized revolution and transfer of power is in the air.

    If you were to put yourself in his position, understanding where he comes from and what politics he has eaten for his whole life and his family’s history he is doing what is necessary in his opinion to rectify the “evils” of the past 300 years. You have to respect him to this degree he told the American public exactly what he would do in his campaign’s, give the devil his due. Lots of flubs and screw ups but in his opinion its generally going in the correct general direction.

  • Cotour

    And this IMO is what really needs to happen given the actions of this president.

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