The left wing pundit press makes fools of themselves

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Link here. Be sure to watch the video and then read the article. As the author notes quite correctly,

Every one of these “pundits” have spent the last six years extolling the virtues of President Obama’s brilliant foreign policy. Every single one of these panelists have written columns, given opinion, and appeared on TV shows telling the consuming sheeple how brilliant President Obama was. Now they sit around presenting themselves as some form of disconnected gallery observers talking about how the consequences of those same policies they exalted are abject failures.

Insufferable does not begin to explain the level of hypocrisy within the U.S. Obama Praetorian guard media.

I must also note that this video clip does a great job of revealing how the entire panel on Face the Nation are all supporters of Obama and the Democrats. Repeatedly, as they described the President’s string of failures in foreign policy, they were forced to note that it was Obama’s “critics” who were right about every issue, “critics” that happen also to not be present on this Face the Nation panel. So, who are these mysterious “critics” that none of these pundits can name? They are conservatives, including Republicans, journalists, and tea party leaders, none of whom Face the Nation thought worthy of including on its panel.

This shows us again how completely worthless it is to depend on television for intelligent and objective reporting and analysis of the news. Mainstream television is working for the Democratic Party. Know that when you watch it.



  • Frank

    This is the legacy of Obama’s so called smart diplomacy, from leading from behind and from Hillary’s “smart power” mindsets. Their “smartness” has been shown to be a fools game because their elitist view ignores the reality of how real strength and might works and is necessary in the dangerous world. Countries always do what is in their interest and the only thing that stops dictators and tyrants is a stronger hand and the fear that it will be played. The powerful advance their causes on the ground while Obama and Hillary give speeches and get cover from the press. Who are the smart ones here?

    The question today is how much more damage will be done and security lost before this man leaves office. And what damage will Hillary do should she be elected. Keep your seatbelt fastened.

  • Cotour

    I remember listening to Charlie Rose and I believe it was Tom Browcaw were sitting around Charlies table and they asked the question ” what is Obama’s philosophy”?

    I had a pretty good approximation of what his philosophy was because I researched where he came from, who his parents were and who he associated with. Not rocket science, and these two giants of communication could not come up with a reasonable statement about what they believed his philosophy might be.

    I guess they chose to play it safe, maybe the better survival instinct then someone who would have just blurted out, “Oh, I think its reasonable to think that he might tend to lean towards being some kind of American brand of Marxist”. Two grown men indulging in “intellectual” mental masterbation and ask that the people who listen to them partake. Thank you, but no.

  • joe

    The dishonesty of that conversation between Charlie Rose and Tom Brokaw, is this for real, anyone who in the position these two gentleman are in should ask such a question is almost unconscionable, this seems the religion of the stupid or delusional, Quite agree with your post Cotour.

  • Al

    At the end of the video one of the clowns said, “It’s a question of if the Administration knows what’s going on.”

    At first I thought this was incompetence, but as time goes on I’ve become convinced that Obama want’s this all to happen. The terrorists are his sort of people and although he may not like the actual attacks (I’m not convinced of this either), he certainly is sympathetic for the end result.

    Always remember these quotes:

    “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam”

    “The sweetest sound I know is the Muslim call to prayer”

    This tells you everything you need to know about where Obama’s allegiance lies.

  • PeterF

    He skips intel briefings but regularly watches “Sportcenter”, and they don’t bat an eyelid when he claims not to have known about (insert scandal here) until he saw it on the news. (I believe him about that) Remember the grief Bush got for not recognizing the imminence of 9-11 when HE was briefed that Bin Laden wanted to attack the U.S. in a PDB? (without specific details by the way) Or how they ridiculed him when he didn’t react instantly on the morning of 9-11 (good pilots try to decide the BEST course before taking ANY action in an unforseen crisis, it may save you from compounding the emergency with pilot error) (I read that in a “there I was” story in “Airman” magazine once) Remember Bush was a pilot?
    B.O. is never ready, always aims at domestic political opponents. and always seems to fire into his foot!
    The background in the “change” picture is from the movie “Idiocracy”
    I believe if someone wanted to control this administration policies they would have to insert suggestions a 5th grader would think reasonable into “Sportcenter’s” programming (as long as Valerie Jarrett could be convinced to sign off on them)

  • Cotour

    Read this to understand the lefts insanity, a Democrat mayor thanks Al Sharpton for his work on “climate change”. They want you to believe.

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