The left’s hatefest continues

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Just thought I put up a few more links of stories illustrating the hate, intolerance, and bigotry of the left.

Note that the last four stories demonstrate the bigotry that is ingrained within the Democratic Party itself, while the first two stories demonstrate the cultural intolerance of the supporters of that party. Team them up, give them some election wins, and no one should be surprised when they start arresting their political opponents.

Expect more stories in the same vein in the coming days.



  • Laurie

    I’ve resisted posting this, but it certainly seems apropos:

    Matthew 24:10

    At that time many will turn away from the faith and will betray and hate each other, and many false prophets (speakers) will arise and mislead many …

  • Jim Jakoubek

    I find the story about the New Hampshire store owner banning Republicans rather enlightening.

    This person sells a service and gets to pick and choose who he sells this service to?

    Refuse to sell a wedding cake to a gay couple based on your religious beliefs and you get dragged into
    court and called every name in the book. Refuse to provide a service to Republicans because they are ‘evil’
    and you are making a stand.

    Gotta love the Loony Left…

  • Cotour

    I think Chuck Schumer needs to be replaced by a person of color or even better, I think that there are too many Jewish politicians in NY and Mr. Schumer should be the first to go, set the politically correct example. You can not make this up, THEE ranking Democrat Senator makes a statement like that and his resignation is not demanded?

    The man is Smarmy:

  • Jim Jakoubek

    Contour –

    Spot on with your comment!

    Actually why stop there? Did not Pelosi just gush that her grandson wanted to have brown skin and eyes?

    She should also set the example and resign and support a person of color for her seat as well to show us the

  • Cotour

    On the New Hampshire Apple repair guy, I have a similar experience. In the heat of the 2016 election cycle I had a small graphics project that I was working on and through recommendation I found a graphics artist that I communicated with over the phone and internet.

    We did a couple of jobs together and without my prodding on the next job she commented that she “loved working with me”, “You know exactly what you want and there was never a problem with payment”.

    In the middle of transmitting all of my requirements and specs on the next project after all was agreed to ………………… silence. Nothing. I could not contact the woman on the phone nor the internet. So I moved on.

    So I investigated a bit and read more about her on her web site. It turns out that she specifically wrote about working on a Conservative publication and quit because she did not like them and would “never work with them again”. In her PR material she also talks about ” Synergy” and “Democracy” , kind of a “new age” energy kind of stuff, similar to the new Hampshire knuckle head.

    I assumed that she did some kind of search on me and saw that I was not sympatico with her universal vibes (Although by her own words she “loved” working with me). So there are ways of picking and choosing who you want to associate with or do business with or not without getting yourself in a legal situation. In this case, just don’t answer the phone. Whats a poor boy to do?

  • Dean from Ohio

    You can bet there is demonic influence gong on with this guy, and with the girl you mentioned in the comment.

  • Rick Morrow

    The Lord says hatred and lies go hand and hand. Liberals have mastered this. Liberalism like Nazism is completely built on lies. The opposite ways of God is Satanism. Liberalism is the new name for Satanism. That is how evil Liberalism is.

  • vonmazur

    I find the one thing all the leftists and their predecessors have in common is; the lack of any inner life. Everything is external to these creatures. This explains why they hate religion so much, especially any path that teaches inner development. Anything that reminds them of their own inner emptiness, triggers their defense mechanisms. I also note the near perfect automation of their entire being, they are just protoplasmic robots with specific triggers, but no real mentation is going on, only programmed responses.

  • wayne

    you might like this….

    Jordan Peterson –
    “Nihilism, Totalitarianism, and The Divine Individual”
    excerpt from his “A New Years Letter to the World”

  • Jason Hillyer

    Hey Robert, just wanted to say that I truly appreciate these posts. It gives crucial insight on events that are not often discusses in mainstream media. Thanks again…

  • Cotour

    Different but related:

    Racism, Justice or Failed Conquest?

    This is IMO what the ultimate end game is / was about for the Obama / Leftist agenda.

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