The left’s unmistakable trend toward weaponizing the tax code.

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The left’s unmistakable trend toward weaponizing the tax code.

What was once a neutral instrument used for the purpose of collecting revenue for legitimate governmental functions is now employed to punish behavior that powerful people don’t like.



  • Pzatchok

    The BSA will have to take this to the SC.
    The 9th will just uphold California’s new law.

    We can only hope that the SC rules that the tax code can not be used to force someone to go against their principles and already legal rights. Like association.

    If the SC upholds the new Cali law then you could always use the tax code to “fine” black companies for not hiring a proportionate number of whites and other non blacks.
    How long will BET last if all their shows were forced to have 85% of their actors as non black and or white?

    California will force this up to the SC.

  • JGL

    Socialists / Marxist only working model is to use fear and threats, they detest your personal freedom. It of course is for the good of the collective.

    The IRS has to go, the people of America should not look to a future where they fear their government even more than they do now (Obamacare). This is the sickness of the socialist / Marxist. An offence to the Constitution, people need to become outraged at these abuses. The only way that this works and continues is if they come right out and demand that the Constitution be dissolved because that is the only way that they can successfully employ these tactics.

  • Publius 2

    I know this is cynical, but I think the only way to cure liberals from what they think is to force them to live with the consequences of their ideas. Emerging Obamacare should provide a stinging lesson in the folly of trying to manage individual healthcare via a 2700-page bill and nearly 30,000 pages of regulations. Next would be taking the IRS in a Republican administration and openly targeting liberal groups, donors and activists. Etc. As ye reap, so shall ye sew.

  • jwing

    Talk about your proctology exam…imagine the IRS/Obamacare agent when you get an audit. Can you imagine what a healthcare audit would entail?

    Just like the IRS tax code, you will be guilty until you can prove your innocence to them. Good luck.

    It will go something like this…

    So, Mr. Taxpayer, you say you are healthy and not at risk for heart disease. Please provide proof. Wait….what is this? It shows on our database that you have purshased several cigars in the past year, your’ve purchased with your credit card over 50 separate meals at McDonalds. Also, your grocery store savings card has itemized exactly how many fruits and vegetables you and your family have purchased at the Piggly Wiggly, and you are not eating healthy according to Michelle Obama’s guidelines. I’m sorry…but you will not qualify for extraordinary medical care or any organ transplants in the future. You will also be be surcharged any extra 15% on further insurance premiums as apenalty for not eating healthy.


  • joe

    Russia has their KGB, we have the IRS!

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