The man who saved the world.

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The man who saved the world.

He wasn’t a politician, a scientist, a philosopher, or a university professor. He wasn’t even an American! But had he not had the courage to do what he did, a nuclear war would have happened in 1962.



  • D. K. Williams

    There were so many ways war could have be started in this crisis, it’s a miracle that it didn’t.

  • Don

    Of course Kennedy was mainly responsible for the crisis in the first place. Talk about Teflon, JFK still has it 50 years later.

  • Rocco

    So much is written about the Kennedy assassination with so many great conspiracies theories we will never know the truth. I am going with the more than one guy myself. But, until the CIA releases the related documents we are stuck with Oswald. Vasilli Arkhipov was the right man in the right place to save the world. Lets hope Kim Jong Un, Hassan Rouhani, Xi Jinping, Mamnoon Hussain, or (my two fingers are tired) has a fellow like Vasi standing near the button at the right time. God save the world.

  • JWing

    When you realize how much the democrat party changed in direction (i.e. revolutionized) after JFK’s assassination, any serious person must consider that machinations greater than those of a crazed communist sympathizer named Oswald may be behind JFK’s death.

  • Sort of ‘The Bedford Incident’ in reverse.

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