The mass murder that didn’t happen.

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Guess why: The mass murder that didn’t happen.

And then ask: Why was this not a major news story considering the focus right now on violence and mass murders?



  • Chris Kirkendall

    And there are those who still insist the MSM does NOT have an agenda. By the way – I’ve stopped referring to them as Main-Stream Media (MSM) – I find the term LWM (= Left-Wing Media) more accurate & descriptive…

  • A lot of people getting killed is more newsworthy than a lot of people not getting killed. You know, “If it bleeds, it leads”. Too much decision making by the general public is based upon what is sensational. Rather, people need to be smart enough to process the news that they get and be able to assess what is the real truth. The best journalism ought to leave the reader with an understanding of what reality is.

  • Chris Kirkendall

    Part of the problem is, we consumers of the news don’t know what we don’t know – that is, if it ISN’T reported in the first place, how do we ever find out about it? Luckily there are more sources avaliable now, but even so, I certainly heard nothing about this story, but it’s an important one that should impact the decision-making on how to deal with mass shootings. So we can try to be more discerning of the news, but most of us don’t have the resources or time to ferret out unreported stories like this…

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