The media’s fraud and dishonest bias documented

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Working for the Democratic Party: A detailed list of documented cases since 1992 where mainstream media sources were caught deliberately falsifying facts in order to slander conservatives or to promote the leftwing agenda.

None of these 48 examples are opinion pieces. In every case, false information or opinions were reported as facts, only to be found to be fabricated or completely counter to the facts as later documented. And as the author notes, the number of these faked stories has increased in recent years, partly because of the existence of alternative news sources on the web which point them out, but mostly because the mainstream media has become more blatantly partisan and dishonest in recent years.


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  • joe

    NBC completely lost my respect with no.1, the side saddle fuel tank debacle, I owned a couple of those trucks through the years, literally millions of these trucks on the road and comparable death rates to any of the other pick up trucks, total farce of reporting just to gin up viewers or politically attack a large corporation. From that time all media was suspect, and when the media reported things that were not so, it would not pass the smell test, the days of trusting highly respected journalists(the tv kind) are over, at which point did news people become activists instead of reporters, trying to inject themselves into the story instead of reporting what actually is happening? Why is the population at large alright with this kind of reporting that values what someone else thinks instead of valuing the truth? When did it become alright that the big media conglomerates could pass off opinion as news?

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