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The modern blacklist in climate science

Link here. This story, which outlines the effort by global warming scientists to blacklist any scientist who expresses skepticism about human-caused global warming, is really not news. This odious effort was documented more than a decade ago in the climategate emails, where people like Michael Mann and others revealed their attempts to block publication of any papers by such skeptics.

The horrible part of the story however is how the blacklist effort has grown in fury and effectiveness since those climategate emails were released. Instead of being outraged that these scientists were warping peer review, the climate field rallied around them in support. Now, not only do global warmists try to block publication by any skeptics, they now work to deny them funding and to get them fired from their jobs.

And they have been increasingly successful. Do not expect any really honest science to come from the climate field for years to come. It has created for itself a very secure bubble. Nothing can challenge its work, even when that work involves data tampering and falsification.

Pioneer cover

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Unfortunately, that is exactly where that journey takes him.

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  • Brian

    Robert, I guess my question is, can anything be done, is there any hope. It seems like the US and the rest of the World are eventually heading toward a socialist/authoritarian future, with climate change/global warming, being the means that justify the end. Kind of depressing.

  • Tom Billings

    “It seems like the US and the rest of the World are eventually heading toward a socialist/authoritarian future, with climate change/global warming, being the means that justify the end.”

    Brian, you should note just where the problem exists, before you despair. It exists at the interface between progressive academia and progressive politics. They feed off one another, and have for over 110 years by now.

    Lets look at the first. Progressive academia is really the oldest reason for academia, that got it started in the first place. That was when Kings needed educated government clerks that were *not* the churchmen who were quite often loyal to the Pope first, and which churchmen, when the Pope excommunicated the King in a political dispute, *would*not*talk*to*the*King. Thus, in 1088 AD, the HRE founded the University of Bologna. So, universities grew up with their largest market for their product being government clerks. The Kings also made it clear that donations to their universities by noble land-owning families were something that would win the King’s favor. By 1500 AD, the Kings were secured from this sort of blackmail, and not too surprisingly, started backing the Reformation.

    By the year 1900 AD, it became obvious that if universities were to keep expanding they needed larger markets for their graduates, and government clerk jobs were a place to expand. Not too surprisingly, the progressive movement, to expand the resources allocated by government, thus needing more clerks to administer it, got its start, and still has its core, inside academia. As long as our institutions for passing knowledge from one generation to the next have a self-interest in enlarging government to provide a larger market for their product, certified clerks, we will be in danger from a progressively incremental political movement to expand government hierarchies and their control over our lives and resources.

    We must replace academia. Belling *that* cat will be neither easy nor swift. Still, without a replacement for the institutions that are molded by a millennia of strengthening government as their first purpose, we shall, ultimately, lose both our fortunes and our freedoms of action

  • wayne

    well stated.

  • wayne

    Gangs of New York –
    Bill the Butcher & Boss Tweed

    “The appearance of the Law must be upheld, especially while it’s being broken.”

  • Brian

    Tom I totally agree with all that your saying about replacing academia and it’s relationship to government.
    How do you go about doing that. That is a tough one. Time is not on our side when you mentioned this change would not be swift.

    But the point that I was trying to make is how climate change/global warming is being used as a vehicle an excuse a Trojan horse to move the US and the rest of the World toward Socialism/Authoritarianism. This movement has a lot of momentum and could be up on us faster than we think and the discipline of science is simply being cast a side and many scientist seem to be fine with this. Is there a way of stopping this. What has been tried so far has not seemed to change the course . Is there hope for freedom..

  • pzatchok

    At some point they switched clerks for lawyers.

    In many places your do not need to be a lawyer to be a judge in a court.
    But let a non lawyer be elected judge and he will have EVERY single ruling of his overturned. Even if they were correct, the rest of the lawyers can’t let even the littlest bit of power out of their grasp.
    Academia is the very same way. You do not have to have a degree to teach at a university but just try doing it without one. And it better be the correct one.

    8 out of the top 14 democratic candidates have law degrees. 2 more are Rhodes scholars.
    Academic elites all. In their own minds.

  • Max

    No better illustration of your point that in a “right to work” state, where you don’t need to be a member of a union to work, you cannot practice law without being a member of the bar association union, or practice medicine without being a member of the AMA. Illegal exemptions to the law.
    It can be argued that the constitution (USA citizens) can “enslave a lawyer” for the purposes of providing representation to a person who cannot afford it.
    The indentured servant’s have an overwhelming lock on the judicial system, and the lawmaking legislatures throughout the country.
    A conflict of interest.
    The results is the overturning of power, to force the “all men whom are created equal citizen population” into being the indentured servant.
    Once all barriers are removed, the restraints on human nature unleashed for endless horrors in the name of “good intentions” reveal themselves as history repeats itself.
    Here is a great example of what has happened, and is happening here with the schools of higher Learning and license to rule others. (older article but relevant)

    This is the story of chicken little, who was having trouble selling umbrellas for the coming eminent catastrophe. A priest/ government worker saw how the fear of the unknown could work to the mass hysteria that can be shaped into a desired result for himself and his progeny.
    Global cooling/warming/climate change is a means to an end of controlling the population. Deciding who lives and dies. (Your body is mostly carbon, and has been declared pollution by government decree!)
    Chicken Little has been granted the power of selling “sky is falling insurance” that must be purchased by everyone who is controlled/ licensed by a government agency. Why? Because they can, they are the government. Resistance is futile.
    Posted by others above are some great examples of the evolution of power, I remember learning how the curator of the library of Alexandria measured the angle of a shadow in a well, calculated the diameter of the earth 200 years before Christ. This knowledge was known for 2000 years and never lost, and yet for political purposes of controlling trade, fishermen were taught not to sail out of sight of land where they would fall off the edge of the flat earth… Ignorance, Lies and misdirection by the church and King to prevent knowledge and freedom to inslave mind and body. Nothing has changed. Even Galileo Galilei was placed under house arrest to the end of his life for telling the truth.
    The US constitution declaring “all men to be equal” was an aberration that the evil “good doers” in this world want to erase. Soon, because of “we know what’s good for you” enemies within the government, that anomaly will be rectified. Unsupervised thinking will not be tolerated, the science is settled, consensus will be maintained. Truth, equal justice, is irreverent. The ends always justify the means because the “Victor” write the history and erase the past, if they can, to control the future.
    It is the brave New World of the coming dark age…

  • sippin_bourbon

    The Constitution does not declare the all men are created equal.

    That would be the Declaration of Independence. A document that embodies principles, but not specifically binding.

    It only says that we are entitled to equal protection under the law.
    14th amendment.

  • sippin_bourbon

    Max, I stated that as a matter of reflex. Not to disagree with your general premise.

  • Max

    You’re fine, and you’re also right. I knew that it was the declaration of independence written by Thomas Jefferson to king George and is used as the preamble to the constitution.
    The president George Bush said it would be useful as toilet paper. Time has proven him right. The emerging technocracy has invalidated, superseded, and violated nearly every article and constitutional right.
    The way whistleblowers are dying or in prisoned by “star chamber deep state” tells me that they’re just pretending the form of law at their discretion.
    The suggestion of blacklisting a scientist, not based upon unreproducible science (like Michael Moore) but upon politically incorrect beliefs is unconscionable. What would have been ignored or unimportant is now being blacklisted by the true believers in the new climatology religion. Be careful, Big brothers Greta is looking at you! If your social score is low, or your credit score shows you’ve been hoarding food, you may disappear like so many are in China right now.

  • sippin_bourbon

    “and is used as the preamble to the constitution.”

    Not quite.

    Really the preamble, which is much shorter, is its own thing. Also, it is considered non binding as well. A statement of principles.

    Remember the two documents were written many years apart, with an intervening war, and an intervening form of government.

  • Edward

    sippin_bourbonwrote: “[The Preamble] is considered non binding as well. A statement of principles.

    It is too bad that we have drifted away from those principles, especially that part about “secur[ing] the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity.” Inside of three centuries, these principles turned a group of backwoods, ragtag settlements and colonies into a nation capable of saving the world. Twice.

    These days, even in science, there is central control of what can be said, done, and even thought. How is that control a part of liberty?

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