The Muslim Brotherhood candidate in Egypt: “[Christians] need to know that conquest is coming, and Egypt will be Islamic, and that they must pay jizya [tribute] or emigrate.”

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The Muslim Brotherhood candidate in Egypt: “[Christians] need to know that conquest is coming, and Egypt will be Islamic, and that they must pay jizya [tribute] or emigrate.”

So, how’s that Arab Spring doing for ya, Obama?



  • i dont know if you can blame obama for the arab spring

  • wodun

    You can certainly blame Obama for his lack of any coherent strategy in dealing with the arab spring.

    He tossed our ally Mubarak under the bus with little thought of what.that would mean for the larger picture. The Christians are now being exterminated. The Israelis now face terror attacks from the Sinai and if the MB wins the presidency like they did parliment, it will be the end of the peace treaty. The people of Egypt will be under a more oppressive regime than the one they just got rid of because the MB wants sharia. Obama said the MB was moderate, the man knows nothing.

    Then look at what Obama did in Yemen. He sided with a dictator that was.more brutal than Mubarak, who was using our anti terror funds and equipment to attack rebels in the south not AQ in the north. Now AQ controls entire cities. If there was anyplace that was in our national interest to use military force to intervene, it was Yemen. But we didn’t, instead we used military force someplace where we had zero national interest, Libya.

    Look at Libya where we sided with rebels that matched moomar atrocity for atrocity. Supposedly we were there to prevent these things. The aftermath saw the rise of militant Islamists. Suddenly all of these countries and others that suffered the arab spring are not being covered in the media. Most Americans have very little knowledge about what is happening. This is intentional. Our media is failing us by not keeping us informed about what is going on in other countries especially those countries that we have shadow drone wars or that like to chant death to america.

    At no point can you find Obama following a strategy. He can only act tactically, country by country but he made poor decisions in each case. I’ll give Obama the benefit of the doubt, he is incapable of seeing the big picure, because if this is all part of his plan, it doesn’t speak very well about his motives. It is hard to predict the future by changing past actions but we do know that all of Obama’s policies in relation to the arab spring have been failures.

  • Cotour

    What happens when colonial conquest is transformed by the conquered into Liberal social justice through the brand of civilization brought to those conquered by their conquerors ?

    If the South Africans can manage to acquire the organized political power then they have the ability to do just that and in the end destroy what has been built and more than likely will starve their now massive population which is the result of the conquest.

    This ultimately in the end is the Liberal / Leftist / Marxist agenda and is the foundation of this kind of political thinking and movement, social and political feel good, righteous justice for the “oppressed” ( And maybe they are oppressed?).

    And in the end what will be the result? Venezuela or worse? India? Maybe the Chinese swoop in and build infrastructure and create a debt obligation of the state and in the long term become owned by the Chinese? It worked well of us, the Chinese are just doing what works.

    I hope the irony of these emerging situations is not lost on the readers here on BTB.

    A bit of a paradox of civilization if there ever was one.

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