The New Authoritarianism

The new authoritarianism.

If Obama does win, 2013 could possibly bring something approaching a constitutional crisis. With the House and perhaps the Senate in Republican hands, Obama’s clerisy may be tempted to use the full range of executive power. The logic for running the country from the executive has been laid out already. Republican control of just the House, argues Chicago congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr., has made America ungovernable. Obama, he said during the fight over the debt limit, needed to bypass the Constitution because, as in 1861, the South (in this case, the Southern Republicans) was “in a state of rebellion” against lawful authority. Beverley Perdue, the Democratic governor of North Carolina, concurred: she wanted to have elections suspended for a stretch. (Perdue’s office later insisted this was a joke, but most jokes aren’t told deadpan or punctuated with “I really hope someone can agree with me on that.” Also: Nobody laughed.)

Read the whole essay. It is a remarkably concise and accurate description of the beliefs and desires of my liberal readers, which was further illustrated by their quick willingness in the comments here, here, and here to excuse an unconstitutional power-grab by Obama. This quote says it all:

Let leaders lead.

Very depressing.


  • Jim

    C’mon, Bob. Its not depressing…not everyone thinks like you, or Messrs. Siegel or Kotkin either. That’s America. And quite honestly, you have no idea what ALL my beliefs and desires are, outside of a couple of postings (that I believe were well thought out, by the way…just contrary to what you believe).
    But being challenged is good, I think, just like Chris, Kelly, and Philip have done with me. We’ll all survive, although it seems Siegel and Kotkin don’t think so. Now that’s depressing!

  • LINO

    That’s nothing.
    I understand that there’s a secret plan to round up all the conservatives, take their guns away and herd them into a state in the southwest.

  • I heard somebody talking about this on the radio yesterday, but I can’t remember what station it was.

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