The New Nazis have arrived.

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The religion of peace: Muslim protesters in Paris today chanted “Death to the Jews” while attacking Jewish businesses and synagogues.

The firebomb went off Friday night at the entrance to the synagogue of Aulnay-sous-Bois, a northeastern suburb of the French capital. A Middle Eastern man assaulted a Jewish 17-year-old girl on a Paris street near the Gare du Nord train station by spraying pepper-spray on her face, shouting: “Dirty Jewess, inshallah you will die.”

In Belleville, an eastern suburb of Paris, a demonstration Saturday by a few dozen people against Israel’s attack on Hamas featured calls to “slaughter the Jews,” according to Alain Azria, a French Jewish photojournalist who covered the event. The crowd also chanted “death to the Jews,” he said.

These stories are only a sampling.



  • DK Williams

    Is it any wonder Jews everywhere have to be on guard? Meanwhile Christians are persecuted in the Middle East and nary a peep from the White House.

  • Pzatchok

    In some ways i feel sorry for the Palestinian people.
    They have been pawns in a political war for years beyond count.

    You would think that after a few hundred years of being used and pushed around by their Arab masters and brother they would have learned something by now.
    But no. They still fall for the excuse it was all the Jews fault, blame the Jews. All the while it was their own leaders who gave away their land and then would not let them be citizens of other Arab nations.

    If they spent as much time and treasure building a nation they would be far far ahead at this point.
    But that is not what they want. They do not want a solution.

    I don’t blame Israel at all for taking and keeping all the land they can occupy. They never started a war but definitely finished them in good fashion. Just like every other war and nation through out history, You get to keep what you win in battle. They should have kept it all, right up to the canal also. Their enemies wouldn’t have given anything back why should they?

    I also do not blame Israel for trying a two state solution. It had to be tried, if for anything just to prove that is not what the Palestinians want.

    As far as I am concerned Israel can take and keep all the land attacks on them are launched from. Pushing out ALL the Palestinians as they go. If the Palestinians don’t want to lose any more they can start ratting out the missile launchers being set up next door or the weapons factory in their neighbors garage. Until then they are just supporters of Hamas.

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