The nightmare of being a conservative on a modern college campus.

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The nightmare of being a conservative on a modern college campus.

From my experience, the author only scratches the surface. The level of intolerance for conservative thought in academia has worsened in recent years, and in many cases has even risen to the level of physical danger for those who express any criticism of liberalism or the left.



  • wodun

    The worst part is the bullying from teachers and getting lower grades because of your perceived politics. Your real political viewpoint doesn’t even matter, what matters is how teachers stereotype you based not just on your comments in class but your appearance. There isn’t a department where this doesn’t happen, not even the business department.

  • Rene Borbon

    At universities and colleges, it’s increasingly OK to criticize white adult males and shut conservatives out of their right to free speech. I’ve had my undergraduate papers in economics and psychology marked down because I did not produce research that confirmed socialist or feminist values. Tolerance appears to be a value that is expected of conservatives, yet not a virtue liberals are interested in.

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