The Obama administration has announced another eleventh-hour exemption to Obamacare.

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Chaos: The Obama administration has announced another exemption to Obamacare.

The Obama administration, in an 11th-hour change just before the holiday break, announced a major exemption in ObamaCare that will let people who lost coverage and are struggling to get a new plan sign up for bare-bones policies. The move Thursday to allow potentially hundreds of thousands of people to sign up for “catastrophic” coverage plans was blasted by the insurance industry as a shift that would cause “tremendous instability.”

I thought these “bare-bone” policies were “garbage plans” that only a few weeks ago Democrats were telling us we should be happy were cancelled.

It also appears from the above article as well as other sources that the insurance companies are very hostile to this announcement. (Read the second link especially. It outlines the many problems this new ad-hoc exemption causes.)

In a word, this law doesn’t work, it never has, and it should be repealed now.



  • wodun

    Exempting people who lost their insurance from having to buy a new plan isn’t doing anyone any favors. Also, a bare bones catastrophic plan is otherwise known as the Bronze Plan.

  • Kelly Starks

    I’m amazed how clueless all this is. Does he really think the insurance companies can throw all this together literally overnight? That seems very consistent with Obama’s history and genneral attitudes (and disinterest in anything to do with Obamacare after signing it into law – saying it means it happens.) – but it is so bizarre..childishly naive.

  • Kelly Starks

    A interesting blog post
    Comments on how the Obamacare folks are (the the characters in the short story did) slam into the cold equations, that simply won’t allow them to get a result they want.

  • Silvan Lombardi

    Essentially Obamacare is just ANOTHER TAX. This has been the most successful attempt by the left to impose a significant tax on us.

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