The party of science?

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Link here. Read it and weep, as this essay describes to a T a steadily increasing number of citizens, from all political persuasions.



  • Joe

    It seems to me, that if science and engineering were to wed with a party, it would be with the conservatives, touchy feely doesn’t get it when a bridge or a rocket are designed, only cold hard numbers and facts apply, in the democrats world, they like to think “what if” with no real sense of actual structure, only what they think should be with no grounding in reality.

  • Wayne

    Excellent point!

  • Joe

    I think Roberts point is that science and ideology should never be mixed, the results will be what we have now, politics and power will move the discourse. Education is really kept expensive to keep society dumb, those in power prosper on ignorance.

  • eddie willers

    “I think Roberts point is that science and ideology should never be mixed”

    Eisenhower said the same thing in his farewell address, right after warning about the “military and industrial complex”.

    Liberals love quoting the latter, and avoid the former like a plague.

  • Joe

    Eddie Willers, one of the more likeable characters in one of my favorite books, Atlas Shrugged!

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