“The Peace President is starting to leave a legacy of war.”

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“The Peace President is starting to leave a legacy of war.”

Read it. It is an excellent analysis of the overall failures of Obama’s foreign policy and how those failures are going leave the world a much more dangerous place after Obama is gone.



  • Cotour

    There’s nothing more dangerous than a weak man in a position of power. It can only produce two thing’s, chaos and uncertainty.

  • DK Williams

    Obama is recreating the chaos of his upbringing. It’s all he knows.

  • Kelly Starks

    Agree C. Obama never ran anything but protest movements. He just can’t get that theirs more to being a pres then doing a few speeches. Hes making Carter look good – and setting the world up for WW-IV.

    I also keep thinking of that Roman proverb that is you want peace prepare for war. To keep cutting the mil even after the attacks like Ukraine, REALLY invites more attacks.

  • Joe

    Somewhere someplace Carter is smiling because he has been dethroned as the worst contemporary president stil alive!

  • DK Williams

    Once again in time of crisis, Obama flies off to California to give speeches, fund raise, and play golf. Meanwhile his “security team” led by…wait for it…Susan Rice… is tasked with devising a plan to deal with the Iraq situation. This team no doubt is scouring the Internet for a video to save the day.

  • Kelly Starks

    Yes, Obama does have that accomplishment to be proud of…and soon he may dethrone Wilson for being the most damaging president since.. pretty much ever, both in real damage to the US and to the world.

    Now if someone had a REgan to follow this Carter like presidency..

  • Kelly Starks

    Yeah – at least Carter didn’t run off for golf and a half dozen fund raisers during international crises.


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