The perversion of rights

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The perversion of rights.


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  • JGL

    This next presidential election will truely be a turning point in the direction of our country.

    What will be answered by the Supreme Court and the results of the 2012 election is whether the people own the government or does the government own the people.

    If Obamacare stands then the government, through a liberal / socialist, statisically anomolous coup caused by the push back as a result of the extreme hatered of

    the G. Bush administration will functionally own the people. (This government rejects entierly the concept of personal responsibility)

    We can have another conversation as to whether the Bush administration purposefully caused this situtation as a function of agenda, or not, through its own careless or

    calculated disregard for the Constitution and good practices under the guise of security concerns.

    This concept of “I trust the government to do what is best” should be automatically rejected by any sane American person who understands history, the nature of man and

    the nature of government. You could strongly argue that we now have a Fascist style government, where the central government owns / controls the means of production. We

    almost fit the definition exactly.

    I read a story today about a little girl in Canada who drew a picture of a gun in a class in her school.

    Her teacher promptly reported this drawing to her principle, who promptly called the police and the police promptly arrested the little girls father when he came to collect her

    at the end of the day. He was stripped searched and detained for four hours and his house was searched for this weapon his daughter called “daddy’s gun”.

    It turned out the gun was a plastic toy gun. (I did not make up this story)

    This is the road we are currently on, a road where the government owns the people and tells them what is “best”, realise that “best” means modern slavery.

    The hollowing out of our beautiful American Constitution seems to have begun in erarnest, I would say over the past five or so administrations, one handing off to the next

    a legacy to destroy its content and meaning to leave only a hollowed out shell.

    Will the people of America allow this to stand?

    Do the people understand the difference may be the more pertinent question.

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