The rage builds, even in a posh DC suburb

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A stealth write-in campaign defeated a long-time incumbent on the town council for Chevy Chase, Maryland.

Read it. Everything about this story — the reaction to the election by incumbents and their supporters, the reasons the challenger kept his campaign quiet, why he ran in the first place — illustrates the growing fury that ordinary Americans are feeling toward the people presently in power, even at the lowest levels of government. There is contempt for the general population by those in charge, and that general population is becoming increasingly rebellious about it.


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  • Jwing

    Always remember: There is no permanent ruling class in this country unless we continually vote the incumbents back in. We don’t need term limits to periodically flush the system clean of the deadwood and career politicians by voting for new blood.

  • Cotour

    Now just let it happen in this election cycle. If it does not and the likes of Hillary or Jeb are installed in spite of their own multiple failings and their dynastic aspirations, which disgusts me, then we truly are in hot water and are all owned by their corporate, One World Government money people.

    What a sad and stereotypical way for a great nation with such a brilliant Constitution to expire if that is what will be.

  • Cotour

    Rage? Lets talk treason!

    Hillary Clintons “Russian Reset” equals many millions of dollars for the Clintons and ownership of one fifth of the uranium producing capability for the U.S. by the Russians.

    Money for the Clintons while Hillary oversees such things as Sectratary Os State and Russian ownership of our resources. I guess Putin would consider that a reset. Do you think that George Stephanopolis will be fleshing out this story about the Clinton self serving and racketeering?

  • Cotour

    President? I think not.

    She needs to be fit for a black and white striped pants suite!

  • Edward

    That the Town Council was outraged at the opposition’s campaign method shows that they feel entitled to rule. As the article points out, there has never been any requirement for public debate or public campaigning. It has merely been traditional, as that is the easiest way to reach the general voting public.

    It seems that the townspeople’s outrage at the incumbents was enough for a clandestine word-of-mouth campaign to work far better than anyone thought it could. The fact that a message could go around town without the ruling class finding out about it shows an enormous amount of contempt (perhaps fear) of those in power, in that town.

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