The real legal issues surrounding the right to openly carry your pistol.

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The real legal issues surrounding the right to openly carry your pistol.

Cooke carefully tears apart the typical but nonsensical arguments of the left against open carry, but then discusses intelligently the problems. As he notes, “The open-carry question is a more complex one than some of its advocates like to admit.”

If only the conversation focused on these issues instead of the absurd fear-mongering of the left.


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  • Kelly Starks

    Its one of those issues where the rhetoric is so out of touch with reality as to force the question “Are they liars or fools?”. Consistently, even internationally, more gun ownership or legal potential to posses) drives violent crime down. But that’s radically against basic leftist philosophy that people can’t be trusted to make their own choices (like when to shoot someone because they are a threat), and the slightly less basic but common belief that most everyone would be a murderer if given any opportunity to do so. So folks commonly walking around with lethal force on them, resulting in more peaceful law abiding behavior – its a threat to their whole world view.

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