The real solution to the Gaza war

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If Israel and the rest of the world wants peace in Gaza, the only true solution will be to remove Hamas as the rulers there.

Yes, there would be costs to regime change in the Gaza Strip. But the choice is not between a costly policy and a cost-free one. The choice is between the costs of removing a terrorist group from power and the costs of leaving it injured but able to fight another day. To prevent a fourth war, to bolster ties with the Sunni powers, to improve the chances of a two-state solution, to help the Palestinians, above all to secure Israel, the decision is clear. Destroy Hamas. End the war. Free Gaza.



  • Cotour

    The king and his true believers are beginning to be revealed as being naked, and they do not like it. How do I substantiate this conclusion?




    Netanyaho (who is an actual leader of men) bitch slaps Obama and tells him to keep his mouth shut and Pelosi, when confronted with her and her party’s failures while SHE was in THEE leadership position goes ballistic and confronts another congressman on the floor (the truth hurts). How do you know that she understands her own incompetence? Just like how you judge the president, not by what he says but by what she and he does. They are both IMO not un American actors but anti American actors. Whether they understand what it is that they are doing or not, and I believe that they certainly do understand what they are doing, they are neither acting in the interest of the American people who pay for everything and suffer the offences to their naturally born rights and their sovereignty or the Constitution that they have sworn to up hold. They are the true Marxist / socialist believers and need to have their debut on the world stage ended in the coming elections in November.

  • Chris Kirkendall

    Well said. I can only imagine what Netanyahu, a brave & bold man who was a decorated soldier, must think of Obama. He knows Obama only gets tough with American allies who actually have U.S. & mutual interest at heart, while he bows & scrapes before Arab leaders & tells Medvedev “I’ll have more ‘flexibility’ after my reelection”. The contrast is stark: Netanyahu is a strong leader, Obama is pathetic…

  • Dick Eagleson

    Removing Hamas is de minimus. Israel should also remove the rest of Gaza’s Palestinians to the West Bank and annex Gaza to Israel. If the Palestinians want to be a nation, they can start by accepting the punishment commonly doled out to those nations that launch aggressive wars and then lose – loss of land.

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