The sad remains of the Soviet space shuttle program

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Take a look at this photo montage of the abandoned remains of the Soviet Union’s space shuttle program. They spent a lot of money just to keep up with the Joneses, for something they could not afford.



  • Wonder what the Russians would take for the shuttles?

  • Sayomara

    I’m surprised no one has ever tried to buy them off the Russians. While old and unlikely to flight again themselves you could likely learn a lot of them engineering wise even today. Worst comes to worst I’m sure there are American museums that would be will to take them.

    You know whats that didn’t get shuttles because they weren’t politically connected to Obama.

  • Maurice Levie

    Maybe SpaceX should buy the specs and engineering details and manufacturing machinery for the Energya rocket. Saturn V looks puny compared to that candle

  • PeterF

    I heard they just “looked” like the shuttle and were probably shoddy workmanship deathtraps. Perhaps they may have been safer because of the lack of complexity. The more parts something has the more likely something will malfunction. The million-plus parts of the US shuttle increased the danger exponentially

  • Edward

    The word that I heard is that a dozen years ago the roof collapsed on the building that housed the Buran orbiter that had made the sole flight of the program. The damage to the spacecraft was extensive.

    Pictures at the bottom of this link:

    Fortunately, there were mockups and test articles that were and are at other locations.

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