The sad state of the economy

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The bad economy since 2008 was only worsened by the Obama stimulus, according to one economist. Key quote:

“Today there is a dependency on people who have never been able to forecast anything,” Taleb said. “What kind of system is insulated from forecasting errors?


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  • larry brader

    I have to comment – not defending bush or obama. but i wouldn’t quote this jerk.

    Anybody, who has this as basis for investing doesn’t do business.

    Taleb also criticized banks and securities firms, saying they don’t adequately warn clients of the risks they run when they invest their retirement savings in the stock market.

    ‘Have Fun’

    “People should use financial markets to have fun, but not as a depository of value,” Taleb said. “Investors have been deceived. People were told that markets go up regularly, but if you look at the last 10 years that’s not been the case. The risks are always greater than what people are told.”

    HAVE FUN, this guy needs to quit his drinking his lunch.

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