The scandal of fiddled global warming data.

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The mainstream press finally notices: The scandal of fiddled global warming data.

Goddard shows how, in recent years, NOAA’s US Historical Climatology Network (USHCN) has been “adjusting” its record by replacing real temperatures with data “fabricated” by computer models. The effect of this has been to downgrade earlier temperatures and to exaggerate those from recent decades, to give the impression that the Earth has been warming up much more than is justified by the actual data. In several posts headed “Data tampering at USHCN/GISS”, Goddard compares the currently published temperature graphs with those based only on temperatures measured at the time. These show that the US has actually been cooling since the Thirties, the hottest decade on record; whereas the latest graph, nearly half of it based on “fabricated” data, shows it to have been warming at a rate equivalent to more than 3 degrees centigrade per century.

I reported on Steve Goddard’s work back in January. Though these mainstream journalists are very slow in getting the story, it is good that some of them are finally waking up.



  • Cotour

    I happened to be looking at this particular boat on youtube the other day and the people describing it just happened to mention what it was commanded it be built to accomplish. I had a good laugh and then I sent it along in an email with this accompanying message to a friend who is a high priest in the global warming religion. Enjoy.

    He wants to “go where global warming is melting the ice” .
    So, so ridiculous.
    Captain Al Gore, reporting for duty, fly’s into Monaco on his Gulf Stream to get the expedition going!
    This is what is leading this new religion.

  • Joe

    A luxury yacht to do science research(bogus of course) paid for no doubt with taxpayer funds and used to be a tax deduction, they really do think we are stupid!

  • Cotour

    Its like, you can not make this crap up. And they have the nerve besides BS like this boat they want you to believe what ever they say that you should just without question believe: Lois Lerner’s hard drive and the six people that she communicated with has disappeared (a statistical fantasy), Hillary has no responsibility regarding Bengazi, and her and her husband are just regular tax paying folk, John Kerry is competent, Al Gore is not a jack ass, the Republican party is Conservative, Eric Cantor supports the legalizing of illegal immigrants (oh wait, he really was for that) and the president is a Marxist (oh wait, he is a Marxist) etc.etc.

    The push back is coming and I can not imagine its potential. I can find no one that believes any of it any more.

  • Cotour

    And now for a bit of political humor.

    ( you have to laugh at this stuff or you will go insane)

  • Heh. I saw this earlier today. It tells me that Trey Gowdy actually might have a big future in the Republican Party.

  • Cotour

    He has a future as long as he does not confuse himself and begin to “think” about pandering to the liberal elite Americans that many Conservatives believe that they must pander to. You know, to create bi partisan consensus (I strongly dislike the word Bi Partisan). Cantors recent career ending spanking in his primary has sent a chill to anyone who was getting weak in the political knees. There may be hope yet.

    And then you have additional attempts of the political class to shape the public’s impression of them. You know more stupid comedy, here is a prime example of what I am talking about. The stupidest of the stupid of the spawn of the Hilldibeest and the sociopath first black president of the United States.

  • mpthompson

    The USHCN, where fiction is stranger than truth.

  • Cotour

    And here Trey Goudy steps out again and distinguishes himself as a person that understands the logic of evidence, as I believe he was a prosecutor, as he thoroughly reams the current head of the IRS. But we have to remember that inside the beltway there really is a different kind of logic or sense of “justice”.

    The logic that apply’s inside the beltway is the kind of logic that is sometimes created or obfuscated in order to allow the powers in the three branches of government to do battle because inside the beltway things in many ways are before the law. Before the law consensus and compromise can rule for the “greater good”, which is not always so good, and not the strict interpretation and application of the intent of the law which is applied outside of the beltway.

    Put on a show and see where it gets you.

    Know the game, play the game, win the game.

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