The shuttle Atlantis has landed, ending the shuttle program

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The shuttle Atlantis has landed, ending the shuttle program.



  • Cheers! We were born the same year so the shuttle will always be my spacecraft, kind of like how the music that you listen to the most in high school sticks with you. We were all watching challenger live in classrom in 2nd grade. I am feeling better lately about the gap between now and whats next. I hope this official ending of the program will serve as positive motivation and inspire those working in the new space industry to rededicate themselves to excellence and find ways to grow. Then maybe hire me when they land the next huge space contract, I will keep the regulatory database and file room in tip top shape. Go team!

  • Joe2

    Hi Walter,

    As we discussed earlier our Russian brethren, may beg to differ:

    Note the Title “Russia declares ‘era of Soyuz’ after shuttle”

  • O man well i hope it is a short “era of soyuz” or whatever people choose to call it , hah I guess that is a better name for it than the “era of nothing” , i just saw that soyuz means union in russian so as globalization changes everything it is living up to its name in new ways . everytime I look at an american flag it makes me wish the shuttle or something man-rated and built in the usa was still flying ^^

  • Kelly Starks

    With the end of the shuttle program, the US ceases to be a space faring nation for the forseable future.


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