The shuttle Discovery has lifted off

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More station news: The shuttle Discovery has lifted off on its last mission.



  • Jim Wing

    I watched the launch live on the web. Did anyone else notice a large white object hit the underside of the shuttle at about 1 minute plus before the solid rockets were ejected????? This object hit the heat sheilds and bounced off before passing beyond the shuttle. The object was white and planar coming into the camera view from above and away from the main fuel tank. I didn’t notice any debis after it hit the underside of the shuttle, but the deflection angle was more than grazing, maybe 25-30 degrees.

  • Stu Harris

    On Coast to Coast AM last December 2nd/3rd, Richard Hoagland stated very plainly that STS-133 would be the first ‘post-Newtonian’ mission. The shuttle would be powered, not by H2/O2 + solid boosters, but by ‘hyperdimensional torsion energy.’

    WRONG AGAIN. Why the hell do the producers of that show call him science adviser?

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