The solar maximum has already occurred in the Sun’s northern hemisphere, according to new observations.

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The solar maximum has already occurred in the Sun’s northern hemisphere, according to one scientist’s research.

Moreover, the data also suggests that the maximum in the Sun’s southern hemisphere will not occur until early in 2014. This asymmetry between the hemispheres also suggests the strong possibility of a Grand Minimum to follow.



  • jwing

    On a related issue…did you see the article in the American Thinker by Randall Hoven entitled, “NASA’s Rubber Ruler Scandal” that is posted on If it is true that NASA changes the historic 100 year temperature database, there needs to be a full review be a Congressional Committee as to the legitimacy of NASA’s tinkering under Hansen.

  • No, I hadn’t seen this story. I’ve done some checking and it is true. It also is old news, to my mind, even though this is a new discovery of corruption. This kind of fraud has now been on-going for the past decade, with no signs of any effort to fix it. Worse, the climate science field even denies that it has a problem.

    Thus, I don’t trust anything they tell me. I check everything twice, and then have doubts besides. Which is why I remain entirely skeptical of any claims these climate scientists make.

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