The sticker shock of Obamacare only begins when you pick your plan.

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The sticker shock of Obamacare only begins when you pick your plan.

As a key enrollment deadline hits Monday, many people without health insurance have been sizing up policies on the new government health care marketplace and making what seems like a logical choice: They’re picking the cheapest one.

Increasingly, experts in health insurance are becoming concerned that many of these first-time buyers will be in for a shock when they get medical care next year and discover they’re on the hook for most of the initial cost.

In other words, the high premiums don’t cover most initial bills. You will have to pay the cost of most of your medical bills yourself.



  • Pzatchok

    Look at the writer of the story.

    She is trying to sell Obamacare.

    Just like insurance salesmen have been trying to for years.
    Her argument is the same.
    Even though your young and will more than likely NEVER need to see a doctor for the next ten years or more you should not buy the cheaper high deductible coverage but the more expensive, high premium, no deductible coverage because you MIGHT have an accident some day.

    Well Obama care killed this problem by ordering ALL insurance companies to take any pre-existing conditions.
    If you have a work related accident your state or employer has insurance to cover you.
    Unless your self employed.
    If you have an accident in your car your or the other persons insurance will cover you.
    And if your injury causes you to not work and thus not able to pay for insurance Obama care will cover your premium.
    They also pretty much removed all the maximum coverage limits so no matter how high your bill goes they will be covered.

    By removing the ONLY threat insurance companies had(them not paying) to make you buy insurance, Obama care pretty much just told all the young people to not worry. Everything is taken care of by the government.

    And now this reporter is trying to scare young people into buying higher priced insurance just in case.

  • wodun

    “To be sure, the new health law did away with the whopping deductibles in plans previously offered to people without employer-provided coverage. Out-of-pocket costs are now capped at $6,350 for individuals and $12,700 for a family.”

    Uhh, no. Many people had deductibles far below the new cap.

    “On average, a bronze plan’s deductible is more than $4,300, according to an analysis of marketplace plans in 19 states by Avalere Health. A consumer who upgrades to a silver plan could reduce the deductible to about $2,500. ”

    I don’t think the reporter is right on this one either. A silver plan may have an initial deductible of $2,500 but they still have to pay a % of all costs until they hit the cap of $6,350. This reporter doesn’t understand how to read a policy overview. Many plans under the old system would pay 100% of the costs after the deductible was met. Those plans are now gone or priced much higher than they used to be.

  • Edward

    My catastrophic plan had (still does, for the next week or so) a $2,500 deductible and paid for almost all the rest — and it doesn’t cost near as much as a bronze-plated-turd plan. So I had (have) a *better* plan for *less* cost than Obama’s bronze-turd plan.

    Costs more, does less. Where is the deal in Obamacare?

    By my calculations, if I had only a health-care account in which I placed the equivalent of a bronze-turd premium, I break even with a $100,000 hospital bill in about five or six years compared to the bronze plan’s benefits. And if I had been saving in the HCA all my life, I’d be almost a millionaire by now — at least in my HCA. I still don’t see a deal in Obamacare.

  • Cotour

    But the motivation behind Obamacare and the big liberal dream is for the government to control all of the money. Why should you have as an individual the control and ownership of the money that you put into a private account designed to pay for your healthcare?

    That’s one hell of a lot of money in private hands and that equals one hell of a lot of power. Think of how that amount of money can be siphoned off for other uses. And we all know that there are a good number of infantilized adults in the country that need the government to take care of their needs.

  • Edward


    I seem to have great expectations of freedom, privacy, and self-determination — just as the founders (and my government-school teachers) had intended.

    Too bad the government of the people, by the people, and for the people has recently perished from the earth.

  • Cotour

    In 2014 the people are going to have to in a very serious way drag the Republicans and the Democrats back into Constitutional reality.

  • Pzatchok

    I think I have Edwards same plan. Or at least had it.

    They offered me a chance to include doctors visits with a 15 dollar copay twice a year for just an additional 300 bucks a year.
    I called my doctor and asked what the charge would be if I paid cash. 50 bucks a visit. For 300 bucks a year I could go 6 times paying for it myself in cash.

    And these people are telling me I am stupid for having such a high deductible?

  • I strongly suspect that most of the people supporting Obamacare fully expect that medical care will be low or no-cost. I expect that starting early next year we’re going to hear a lot of wailing from people who’ve purchased insurance on the exchanges as they find out they are liable for the first several thousand dollars of medical care. The cruel irony is that a lot of people who may not have had medical insurance because they perceived it as unaffordable are going to find it less affordable now that they are required to have it. But hey, they voted for it.

  • D. K. Williams

    You may be right, Blair, but many Ovomitcare supporters just follow the Party line no matter what and rationalize higher premiums, etc., as “helping those without health insurance.” If you point out that this law will actually cause more people to go without coverage, you get accused of being a Fox Noise viewer. The old attack the messenger argument.

  • Pzatchok

    So whats the premium for a policy that gives 100% coverage of everything forever?
    No deductibles,copay’s or anything out of pocket ever.

    At what point and what premium are Obamacare supporters happy?

    I think Obama forgot the his magic wand only works in places like Chicago were they have a larger state and federal government to meet the final expenses and cover your ass in the end.

    Who covers your promises when your the federal government?

  • PeterF

    There IS one silver lining to the giant steamer named after the current occupant! This will put an end to the “free” employer funded health care insurance system inadvertently created when FDR implemented the progressive experiment of wage and price controls. The progressives never do seem to learn that there are always consequences to the plans they dream up while drinking strong coffee with their fellow travelers.

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