The story of the youngest survivor of the Buchenwald concentration camp to be liberated by the Americans.

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The story of the youngest survivor of the Buchenwald concentration camp to be liberated by the Americans.

At age seven, he was separated from his mother when she thrust him over to the men’s side during deportation. “Tulek, take Lulek,” she said, entrusting him to Naftali in the hope that the men were more likely to survive. Naftali smuggled him into the Buchenwald labor camp since a child his age would have been exterminated on the spot if discovered. Rabbi Lau thus became the youngest and smallest inmate in the camp. His survival over the next year was largely due to Naftali’s constant self sacrifice and protection.

You don’t have to be Jewish or even believe in God to agree with this man that miracles do happen every day.



  • jwing

    Thank you, Rabbi Lau…our lives are so precious, short and beautiful. It’s so easy to forget the immense treasure in living another day.

    Life is the greatest gift.

  • D. K. Williams

    Never forget.

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