The top ten states for job growth.

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The top ten states for job growth.

There isn’t a clear common political thread here, but it is worth noting that all of the top five and seven of the ten have all-Republican governments.

It isn’t the party that matters, it is the philosophy of the members of that party that matters. And you are more likely to find politicians who support freedom, competition, and capitalism in the Republican Party.



  • David M. Cook

    In Oregon, the area around Portland is always much better than the rest of the state, known as “rural Oregon”. It’s much harder to find a job outside the Willamette valley, and many of us would like to form a different state so we aren’t controlled by the liberals in the valley. Also, we enjoy not having a sales tax, but watch out, ’cause the democrat gov’ner wants to add a sales tax, just like the 10 or so times the democrats have tried it. We always seem to vote it down, though, so don’t count us out yet!

  • I agree, but I think the difference is simply whether the politician thinks *any* intervention in the economy is useful. There’s plenty of politicians who “support capitalism” by trying to pass legislation which they think is “pro-business”. Unless this is some form of nullification, it’s almost always more damaging to the economy than just not interfering.

  • I was transferred to Corvallis in ’01, and didn’t want to go because of the Oregon income tax. I much preferred to pay a sales tax in Washington, because I was only taxed on goods bought; not on every dollar of income. I’ve lived in states that taxed both income and sales, as well as an ‘intangibles tax’. There’s going to come a time when enough people from high tax states will move to Oregon and the votes will be there for a sales tax. They ruined their states; now they want to ruin ours.

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