The totalitarians of New York.

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The totalitarians of New York.

It is why I left back in 1998. Amazingly, it is getting far worse with the passing years. See for example this story.



  • Jwing

    They are coming out with long knives for all who oppose them. Dinesh D’Souza, the producer of the highly successful, $33 million grossing film, “2016: Obama’s America” was singled out and charged by the Fed’s with illegal campaign contribution charges. Just like the IRS and the Tea Party 501c4 groups. This is bold-faced fascism and the blatant abuse of power. My fear is that as Obama’s fraudulent administration is exposed for all to know, their actions will be even more abusive and intimidating.

  • Cotour

    A socialist / Marxist will identify a particular issue and focus on it in a way that causes a kind of fatal, either or logic to be generated to the point that if you dare resist it you become morally and legally bankrupt. Bill Clinton had “the children” and Mr. DeBlasio seems to be going down that well worn but proven road. Starting with his now insistence on causing a NYC tax to be levied against the “wealthy” in order to pay for his Pre K scheme, even though the governor has kind of short circuited his NYC tax plan with agreeing with the scheme and finding funds coming from the general state tax funds. The governor has no taste to allow Mr. Deblasio to accomplish his, what IMO has to be a symbolic redistribution slap in the face of the NYC 1% “wealthy” (This is a brewing battle between the governor and the new mayor, stay tuned for that show). This is how these sick SOB’s really think.

    If you are against Pre K than you are anti child and wish them the worst. People are unfortunately injured and killed every day on the streets of NY so of course now laws must be stringently enforced in order to save those people and the police must now be the enforcers, even if they have draw blood on an 84 year old man. That poor old guy probably looked at the cop and was thinking “what the hell are you talking about?” and dared walk away or not show the proper deference to the cop.

    Sick and power hungry and they interpret their coming into power as a mandate for socialistic experimentation to begin, when what has actually happened is just a long in control (20 years) group being dismissed by the public and another group being installed, a pendulum shift. Not because of a longing for their socialistic bent but just because the people have had enough of the one.

    Its sick but in their minds is fully and totally rational and justified and will run with it as long and as far as they can until they are stopped. Obama, Debalsio, Clinton, enemy’s of the Constitution and the people all, as are many on the other side of the aisle as well.

  • John M. Egan

    Hmmm! Will some liberal explain to me- I thought the liberals wanted to bring all people together, & not classify people by race, nationality or political stance.

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