The TSA is going to remove all of the airport backscatter body scanners made by one company.

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Is this true? According to this report, the TSA is going to remove all of the airport backscatter body scanners made by one company.

One, I wonder at the reliability of this story, having seen it no where else. Two, I wonder if this involves the removal of all of the naked scanners, or just one company’s. It appears from the report that the TSA will be replacing some of these units, but it is unclear if they will be naked scanners.

Three, if true, this is good news. I sadly remain skeptical.

Update: Confirmation from the Associated Press.



  • wodun

    If I understand this correctly, they are just removing the scanners that show an image of everyone’s junk for the screeners to ogle at. Which is great for privacy. But I am not sure if all of the health concerns about using these machines have been addressed.

  • Steve Stein

    I will NOT (and have not) go through one of these scanners. My issue is no one know’s the long term affects of the radiation you are exposed to. In the couple of times I have requested from TSA to not go through I have had no issues what-so-ever. I simply stated to an officer before reaching the scanner that I prefered not to do so. They took me to the side, wanded me, patted me down, re-checked my carry-on. It took me longer to get through security. They were very professional. I had no problems and will do this for the forseeable future. Granted I don’t fly regularly and always arrive early (I like watching the planes!). I will continue to do not go through the damn thing.

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