The upcoming Israeli response to the UN and Obama attacks

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Link here. Essentially, the UN and the Palestinians might have literally shot themselves in the foot with their attempts to declare Israel’s presence in Jerusalem and the West Bank as illegal. The article outlines in great detail the long term negative results of the UN resolution last week, all of which we can now expect. I cannot quote it all, but this one quote will give you a taste:

Regarding the international community, the Security Council opened the door for its members to boycott Israel. As a result, Israel should show the UN and its factotums the door. Israel should work to de-internationalize the Palestinian conflict by expelling UN personnel from its territory.

The same is the case with the EU. Once Britain exits the EU, Israel should end the EU’s illegal operations in Judea and Samaria and declare EU personnel acting illegally persona non grata.

As for the Palestinians, Resolution 2334 obligates Israel to reconsider its recognition of the PLO. Since 1993, Israel has recognized the PLO despite its deep and continuous engagement in terrorism. Israel legitimized the PLO because the terrorist group was ostensibly its partner in peace. Now, after the PLO successfully killed the peace process by getting the Security Council to abrogate 242, Israel’s continued recognition of the PLO makes little sense. Neither PLO chief Mahmoud Abbas nor his deputies in Fatah – convicted, imprisoned mass murderer and terrorism master Marwan Barghouti, and Jibril Rajoub who said he wishes he had a nuclear bomb so he could drop it on Israel and who tried to get Israel expelled from FIFA – has any interest in recognizing Israel, let alone making peace with it. The same of course can be said for the PLO’s coalition partner Hamas.

An Israeli decision to stop recognizing the PLO will also have implications for the Trump administration.

In the aftermath of 2334, calls are steadily mounting in Congress for the US cancel its recognition of the PLO and end US financial support for the Palestinian Authority. If Israel has already ended its recognition of the PLO, chances will rise that the US will follow suit. Such a US move will have positive strategic implications for Israel.

Read it all. There is more, all of which is likely to happen, since the Israelis are faced with survival and will need to fight back.


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  • Cotour

    The recent U.N. action which will result in a legal foundation for action to be taken against Israel along with the below related article regarding the Obama administration and his outright contempt for everything that is American represents acts treason IMO. There now exists legal justification for military action or occupation of Israel by U.N. and other forces. What did Bush Jr. wait for to invade Iraq? U.N. sanctions and legal standing.

    Any American politician who voted for or supported either should be considered a traitor, specifically for anyone who pushed through the Iran deal. The list of traitors begins with president Obama in the number one position and John “I love Ketchup” Kerry in the number two position. This is what happens when you allow Leftists to hold the reigns of power. I am disgusted!

    21 days to something new, anything new. Anything other than this traitorous administration.

  • LocalFluff

    The U.N. doesn’t have at all the same importance as it had during the cold war. If the US and Israel walk away from the U.N., what do they have left? The U.N. better please the Trump or they might quickly be abolished just like that. I don’t think the U.N. will survive the next year. They are too inefficient to be useful for DJT even if they all wanted to. Just a waste of time, energey and monies.

    Israel can defend itself. They don’t need any international laws for that. About time to throw a whole bunch of failed international treaty texts on the bonfire. To instead do something that works.

  • ken anthony

    Finally reality will be given a chance. It’s about damned time.

    Israel’s enemies are about to get cut off. Israel is going to need more bulldozers.

    A weakening of the UN seems to go against bible prophesy. It will be interesting to see how that actually works out.

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