The VA pattern of lies

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Let me count the ways: VA officials have lied to Congress repeatedly in connection with multiple different investigations in a variety of different states and administrations.

The most egregious example for was the last item of the story above, where VA officials repeatedly told Congress that the employees who had falsified records to cover up long patient wait times had been fired, when in truth no one had been fired at all.

As I like to say, the VA is a perfect example of what government healthcare will be like. And it is coming soon to a hospital and doctor near you!



  • Thankfully, not coming soon to a doctor near me.

  • Cotour

    Unrelated but related:

    I read this story about the lefts agenda driven “journalism”. Journalism is now officially dead in the world and everything that is read must be read with extreme skepticism and you must arm yourself with the knowledge that there are organized groups that seek control of power and have abandoned their profession of journalism for their own subjective beliefs and political agendas.

    I think the word we are looking for is more related to propaganda than journalism as we attempt to describe what is underway in media today and the tool that allows them to think and operate in this way is the level of technology that is available. Who thinks this will be getting better as it relates to our Constitution and country in the future?

  • Edward

    It reminds me of the “journolist” that they had until it, too, was uncovered.

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