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The value of Trump’s Abraham Accords once again proven

Hamas vs Israel
Even the Arabs recognize these facts.
And they know that Iran is allied with Hamas.
Courtesy of Doug Ross.

Over the weekend the Iranian attempt to bomb Israel drove home starkly the effectiveness of the Abraham Accords that Donald Trump pushed through during his term between Israel and a number of its Arab neighbors.

The effectiveness of the accords was not only illustrated by the moral and technical support given to Israel by the UAE and Bahrain (two accord signatories), the good will these agreements produced between Israel and the Arab world caused other Arab nations to add their own support as well.

First, when Iran tipped off several Arab countries of its intentions — which likely included both Jordan and Saudi Arabia (neither of which has signed the accords) — those countries then immediately passed that information to the United States, knowning full well it would then be passed to Israel. Iran had thought the Arab world was united with it, when in truth at least half the Arab world is now allied with Israel (either overtly or covertly).

Then Jordan denied Iran permission to use its airspace, and then followed this up by first opening its airspace to Israel and American fighter jets. All three then proceeded to shoot down Iran’s missiles and drones, preventing almost all from even reaching Israel.

The support Saudi Arabia gave to Israel this past weekend suggests once again that it does want to sign the accords as well. Just before the 2020 election there were numerous rumors that it would do so, once Trump was confirmed for a second term. It then backed off when Biden was installed as president, though it also has made it clear in the past three years that it is more aligned with Israel than Iran or the Palestinians. In fact, there is much evidence that many Arab countries in the Middle East are increasingly ready to abandon or seriously curtail their support of the Palestinians, in exchange for a peaceful co-existence with Israel that enhances everyone’s security. All fear Iran, and Israel can help them fight it.

The situation of course remains very complex, but it will simplify enormously after Israel finishes Hamas off and then demonstrates its determination to rebuild Gaza as a sane place for both the Gazans and its neighbors. Despite the absurd screams of “genocide” by stupid Hama supporters, Israel’s neighbors very much want to get Hamas destroyed. They might mouth some complaints about the lose of civilian lifes in Gaza, but those protests are not to be taken very seriously. Hamas has done nothing for them except instill disorder and violence in the region. Remove it, and they know everyone will benefit.

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  • Andi

    Jordan denied Iran use of its airspace? First I’ve heard of that. Not that it stopped Iran from trying to use it anyway

  • Andi: It is astonishing how uninterested the press has been in the solid progress achieved during the Trump administration in lessening the hostility of many Arab nations toward Israel, of getting those Arab nations to realize that supporting the Palestinians blindly was not in their best interest. This was significant historical achievement, as important as the peace deal between Egypt and Israel under Carter.

    That lack of interest not only illustrates the bankrupt partisanship of these so-called news outlets, it reveals their utter intellectual bankruptcy. They are so petty and partisan and blinded by hatred of Trump that they can’t even see a good thing when it stares them in the face.

    The failure of the news to report Israel’s strong support from many Arab Middle Eastern nations during this entire Hama war demonstrates this. It should be big news that Jordan fought on the side of Israel here.

  • James Street

    Trump video accompanied by “Thunder” by Imagine Dragons

  • Mike Borgelt

    So that’s the use for the loitering anti air missiles Iran has developed. Send a bunch with the cruise missiles and start shooting down any fighters trying to intercept the cruise missiles.

  • AO1

    “Iran had thought the Arab world was united with it,” As you know but many in mainstream/social media don’t – Iranians are Persian & not Arab so the only ‘united’ is the Islamic faith aspect and there’s two sides to that faith.

    It’s fun playing “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” game on the middle east to try and unravel who is with who. It changes daily!

  • Col Beausabre

    Iranians are mainly Shia and the most Arabs are Sunni. The hatred and mutual slaughter between these two branches of Islam goes all the way back to who would be the successor to the Prophet.

    “Sunnis, believed that Muhammad’s successor as caliph of the Islamic community should be Abu Bakr, whereas a second group of Muslims, who would come to be known as the Shias, believed that his successor should have been Ali ibn Abi Talib. This dispute spread across various parts of the Muslim world, which eventually led to the Battle of Jamal and Battle of Siffin. Sectarianism based on this historic dispute intensified greatly after the Battle of Karbala, in which Husayn ibn Ali and some of his close partisans, including members and children of Muhammad’s household (Ahl al-Bayt), were killed by the ruling Umayyad Caliph Yazid I, and the outcry for revenge divided the early Islamic community, albeit disproportionately, into two groups, the Sunni and the Shia. This is known today as the Islamic schism”

  • MDN

    So what should Israel do now? I suggest they take Biden up on his offer to take the “win”, but on their terms not his. And that would be to maintain focus on Gaza and get on with the operation to clean Hamas out of Rafa and finish mowing the western lawn. Then they can consolidate a defensive posture against Hezbollah to the north and east and seek to get Saudi Arabia to formally join the accords. which 10-7 was entirely intended to kneecap, thus delivering Iran the most humiliating defeat possible.

    This would demonstrate “restraint” internationally while exploiting the temporary good will the Iranian attack has created to finish off Hamas (at least as any kind of serious military threat for the foreseeable future as they won’t be permitted to re-constitute as Gaza recovers), and provide a much more defensible situation. And if SA can then be lobbied into the accords thereafter that pretty much cripples further Iranian aspirations toward regional dominance.

    This would be the politically astute move for now imho.

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