The very predictable Democratic playbook against Paul Ryan:

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The very predictable Democratic playbook against Paul Ryan:

In the national media narrative – perhaps best illustrated by the shorthand of Jay Leno’s monologue, which presumes that the audience has the barest-bone familiarity with national figures – every Republican figure is reduced to one of three things: Old, stupid, or evil.

George H.W. Bush: Old. Dan Quayle: Stupid. Newt Gingrich: Evil. Pat Buchanan: Evil. Bob Dole: Old. George W. Bush: Stupid. Dick Cheney: Old and evil. John McCain: Old. Sarah Palin: Stupid. ,,,

Because Paul Ryan isn’t old, we will see an effort to paint him as either stupid or evil. You and I know that painting Paul Ryan as stupid is like trying to paint Bill Clinton as chaste. But we have also witnessed the rapid definition of an unknown Republican figure four years ago, and we know that right now, every Democratic official, commentator, talking head, and more than a few reporters awaken this morning with a new mission in life: define Paul Ryan. [emphasis in the original]

In other words, substance be damned, the Democrats have got to find an ad hominem attack that will allow them to dismiss everything Ryan says, even if it makes sense.

For this reason alone I think it justified to fire every Democrat from elected office. Until we can get a reasoned debate on the federal government’s out-of-control debt, it will be impossible to fix the problem. And it is very clear that the Democrats are not willing to have that reasoned debate.



  • Jim

    I’m not one for polls this early before even the conventions, but two that I would be interested in following here on out are polls in both Wisconsin and Florida.
    General wisdom of VP picks is that they should deliver their home state and then do no harm. I think (just my opinion) that Ryan may or may not deliver Wisconsin (10 electoral votes). It was a toss up state before, and I think right now it still is.
    Florida (29 electoral votes) is a toss up now, and if Democrats can successfully frame the Republican ticket as “anti-medicare,” it could go blue.
    Both those states went for Obama in 2008 and certainly Republicans are targeting them this time around. I think Christie would have delivered New Jersey (14) and would have done no harm in Florida. Maybe same with Portman in Ohio.
    Its the electoral college that matters. Should be interesting.

  • wodun

    Yup, the polling in the battleground states shows small but significant leads for Obama. It should be interesting to watch and a landslide in either direction looks unlikely. But one thing to keep in mind is that conservatives dislike taking polls and will often refuse to participate when asked.

  • Jim

    Yes, and I think Romney came to the conclusion that over the past few months there has been little change, or dynamic, in any of the polls, with the election being close and Obama showing a slight lead in some. I think his campaign has decided that bold is better than safe at this point. Its also a VP pick that intends to get out the base rather than appeal any kind of middle that may in fact not exist anymore.
    I’m starting to think groundgame in this election will be more important than those in the past. Welcome that guy or gal who knocks on your door, because they get it.

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