The worst fake news stories in the past few decades

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And these faked stories are all from the mainstream leftwing press, CBS, NBC, New York Times, Rolling Stone, Washington Post, New Republic, and MSNBC.

The NBC corporation is an especially bad player here. Worse, their behavior has been specifically aimed at fueling a race war. In one case, they claimed that the Tea Party movement was made up of white racists and thus dangerous to blacks, and to prove it they showed an image of the rifle slung over the back of a Tea Party protester. The trouble was that they specifically framed the image to hide the fact that the protester was black. Then NBC deliberately edited the recording of George Zimmerman’s conversation with 911 to make him sound racist. It was a lie, as were all these stories.

What makes NBC the worst is that they have made no effort to fix the problem. They not only haven’t punished or fired anyone, they keep doing it again and again.

For this network or any of these mainstream leftist outlets to now complain about “fake news” is the height of absurdity. What they are really doing is trying to discredit alternative news sources that have actually been reporting the news better than them. They don’t like the competition, both financially and politically.



  • Kevin Haynie

    The other fake rape case , the Duke University stripper story. I also regard much of the coverage of the Vietnam war and ” Global Warming ” as falsified as well . ” Unsafe at any speed ” by Ralph Nader. The coverage of the Japanese economy years ago , when we were told that we had be more socialist to compete with them. Valerie Plame was an outed spy. The ” Peace Mom ” at the beginning of the Iraq war. But the perhaps the biggest fake news of the modern era is the whole ” No weapons of mass destruction in Iraq ” story.

  • pzatchok

    Sometimes a ‘story’ does need to be fabricated or forced into existence to make a point or a change.

    But its NOT the medias job.

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