The Wow! signal: An intercepted alien transmission?

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The Wow! signal: An intercepted alien transmission?

Detected in 1977, this short signal has puzzled SETI investigators for decades. The article gives a good overview of the mystery.


One comment

  • Pzatchok

    A 72 second signal on just one day doesn’t sound like a real attempt at communication.

    Any intelligent alien who has the power to transmit something that far, in our direction would know to transmit something more than static for 72 seconds for just one burst on one day.

    You would make the same assumption that we do about a planets needed orbits and spins to support life.
    So one burst would not do it. They would at least send it at the same time over a number of consecutive periods.

    And it would be something better than static. Definitely not 4g high def quality but at least a series of dots similar to morris code. Something that would represent their counting system, be it base ten, base 8, base 12 or what ever they use. A simple mathematics primer in their system.

    I can’t see a way to send a verbal language or written language that would be transmittable over that distance and stay clear.

    I can’t think of a way to encode a written language so that someone who has no reference points can decode it and read it. Especially another being on another planet who doesn’t even know what you look like for a beginning reference. You can’t point to your eye and say eye or write eye.

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