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These rioters in the Capitol are not Trump protesters

Below is a video taken inside the Capitol building on January 6th, apparently right after protesters have broken a window and gotten inside. It opens with one of them asking someone outside “Where’s the floor plan?” Later a woman in a pink wool hat outside sticks her head through the window, shouting military-like commands with a bullhorn.

Watch. I have been to numerous conservative demonstrations. I have never ever seen Republican protesters act like this. Never. Their behavior has almost always tried to stay within the law, and when someone begins to act unlawfully, usually there are cries everywhere to stop, with several quickly moving in to prevent it. Conservative protesters also are never organized in this manner. They come to the protest randomly, and mill about randomly.

A second video at this link is from outside before they have broken the window, and shows the woman in the pink hat apparently in command and helping to use a battering ram, clearly prepared beforehand, to smash a window.

As far as I am concerned, these rioters are not supporters of Trump. Their techniques, behavior, and approach all scream Antifa, in every way, dressed up to look like Trump supporters.

I might be wrong. There is no evidence right now one way or the other. Finding and interrogating that woman in the pink hat would be especially illuminating, because this footage clearly shows her breaking the law and leading the attack.

Too bad we no longer have a legitimate police force in DC willing to honestly investigate this.


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  • V-Man

    False flag actions as a mean of warfare have a long history (though with cameras and facial recognition everywhere their usefulness may come to an end outside the battlefield).

    Sorry folks, looks like you’ll have to shoot your way out of this one. You’re due, anyway — it’s been 80 years:
    1780 American Revolution
    1860 Civil War
    1940 Second World War
    2020 ???

    (OT: If the above stands, Heinlein will have been prophetic with his “Revolt in 2100” novel…)

  • James Street

    V-Man, ultimately we may have to shoot our way out of this one, but I have great hope and pray it won’t come to that. President Trump has 6 days to work his magic. And even after that he is still my President for the next four years after that fraudulent election.

    The guy in the video with the beard and flag wrapped around his neck has been identified from pictures as Antifa from other riots around the country.

  • Dean Hurt

    The Mainstream Propaganda Media is NOT interested in the truth and are not interested in investigating beyond the narrative! It furthers their agenda to brand these protest miscreants as conservative Trump supporters. With new revelations for the FBI it seems these anarchists have been waiting and planning on exactly this kind of opportunity to cause trouble and cast doubt and blame on President Trump and his supporters.
    Be careful Bob, don’t let the Leftists find you including conservative-isa speech on you web site or they’ll find a wait shut you down!

  • Andrew_W

    Those that invaded the Capitol were neither Republican’s or Conservatives, they were Trump supporters, as the identities of those arrested and as the tragic death of Ashli Babbitt makes obvious.

  • Matt in AZ

    Andrew_W is correct – the vast, vast majority of these people were indeed Trump supporters. It is very disheartening to see people I’ve long respected here and elsewhere actually entertain that this abomination was a false flag operation.

  • Matt in AZ: I made it clear in the post that I really do not know if this was a false flag operation, and that I really wanted law enforcement to find that woman in the pink hat, because that would tell us.

    However, the actions here as shown on those videos simply do not fit any actions of any Trump supporters anywhere, for the past four years. Ever. We have had numerous Trump rallies, Trump demonstrations, Trump protests, Trump gatherings, and all have been remarkably peaceful. The only times violence broke out was when anti-Trump protesters, often Antifa, showed up to instigate it.

    Moreover, the organized manner of the actions shown on the videos matches perfectly numerous videos I’ve seen from Antifa protesters, both before and during protests, outlining these exact procedures.

    I could be wrong, but until I have some real evidence I remain doubtful this attack was by Trump supporters. I want some real evidence.

  • Shaun

    James Street

    “The guy in the video with the beard and flag wrapped around his neck has been identified from pictures as Antifa from other riots around the country.”

    Do you have any articles you can point everyone to?

  • I should also add that I am specifically referring to this particular break-in at the Capitol Building. In other places things might have been different. At this location it sure looks like an Antifa operation.

  • Shaun

    And was that actually Ashli Babbitt in the pink hat? Strong resemblance to the photos I’ve seen circulated in the news…

  • Shaun: The clothes do not match.

  • Shaun

    Bob – Good catch

  • David Eastman

    There is lots of attention coming to this now around the conservisphere. From the various articles I’ve read, videos I’ve seen, and first hand accounts, it seems like the main march outside was pretty typical for what we’ve come to expect from a conservative protest. Mostly polite people, out to make their presence seen, but not to do damage or harm. Then there’s the group that invaded the capitol building, and the “leaders” of that group, which may or may not be the same type of people. It’s pretty much verified at this time that there were recognizable, identifiable Antifa/BLM doing much of the incitement and encouraging people to smash in doors and windows and get into the building. It’s also appearing as if most of the people actually doing the criminal invasion of the capitol were organized and prepared, but it’s not clear what their affiliation is. It’s possible they were false flag, it’s equally possible that enough people on the right have gotten fed up that there’s starting to be a more aggressive contingent. But I can’t believe we wouldn’t have heard of them, and have a name to assign to such a group if it existed. I don’t believe QAnon has come close to that threshold yet.

  • John Schneider

    This has long been an insidious tactic: “agent provacateurs.”

  • Shaun

    Dave Eastman

    “It’s pretty much verified at this time that there were recognizable, identifiable Antifa/BLM doing much of the incitement and encouraging people to smash in doors and windows and get into the building”

    I’m going to ask you the same question I asked James Town: Can you point everyone to the evidence that backs this claim? I would really like to see it. I think others would as well.

  • Gary

    Anything is possible, but not your average MAGA group. Far right can be crazy like far left, but left and right are not the same as far right and far left. These days far left gets a lot of positive press, so it makes us think that they are just left and left has gone crazy. Far left/right always crazy, but big media/tech has made far left acceptable.

  • eddie willers

    However, the actions here as shown on those videos simply do not fit any actions of any Trump supporters anywhere, for the past four years. Ever. We have had numerous Trump rallies, Trump demonstrations, Trump protests, Trump gatherings, and all have been remarkably peaceful.

    Bob and I have been around a long, long time. We have NEVER seen such actions from a conservative protest in all that time.

    Yet….here one pops up and the media seems uninterested in trying to figure out why. It could be a response to Covid lockdowns and watching cities burn with the media cheering them on all spring and summer. But it is so HIGHLY unusual that lack of curiosity seems ominous.

    Yes, I suspect agent provocateurs. Recall the “Tiki Torch” carrying well dress young men in Charlottesville?

    Well….we’ve never seen them before and haven’t seen them since.

  • Phill O

    The current impeachment has one objective (IMHO): to incite a radical response by Trump supporters so the dems can argue for gun removal (except from criminals organizations)

  • Ken

    I think there were people there specifically to incite and manage crowd psychology. I think they knew what they were doing & it worked.

    I saw on clip where a woman kept rushing a cop, and he began getting physical with her, and the guys around her became increasingly hyped up and angry – they didn’t necessarily see her repeatedly assault the cop, but caught the cop’s reactions. It’s an instinctive reaction to protect her.

    A lot of the protesters, once inside the building, just milled around, chatted with the cops & took pictures. The bad actors kept on going along with some of the hotheads they’d worked up.

  • pzatchok

    Are not Trump supporters old fat white guys like me?

    I did not see any of those inside the building doing anything more than talking to cops.

    I did see many outside not even trying to get in.

  • Always replace “Antifa” with Democrat Fascist Storm Troopers”

  • Edward_2

    I call “antifa” NAZI-fa.

  • D. Messier


    There’s plenty of information out there about Trump supporters who were arrested for the Capitol attack. Here are stories I found with a single Google search:

    This wasn’t a false flag operation. It was Trump supporters over running the Capitol. Maybe some on the left were in the crowd, but the bulk of them were Trumpies whipped into a frenzy at that rally.

  • wayne

    Interesting blog!

    “BLM Activist Arrested After Participating In Capitol Riot”
    Timcast IRL;

  • Andrew M. Winter




    So let me get this right. Violence is not an option. Treason is not an option. Insurrection is not an option.

    So what was the battle of Bunker Hill all about?
    So what was the battle Trenton and Princeton, (the Delaware Crossing including the slaughter by cutlass of the Hessian Sentries by none other than Alexander Hamilton.)
    So what was the battle Saratoga all about?
    So what was the battle Ticonderoga

    Indeed all of the battles on this list,

    Was the Declaration of Independence unacceptable? It was, and was acknowledges as by the signers, an act of treason and insurrection.

    So what about the Civil War. And don’t talk to me about slavery. You can’t find a word written by President Lincoln regarding the evils of slavery in connection with his unconstitutional invasion of The South. And was the The South in “insurrection”? I think that word does not apply when secession was decided upon by the duly elected Sovereign Governments of The Southern States.

    Violence unacceptable? OH please give me a break! American and The United States is FOUNDED ON VIOLENT RESISTANCE TO TYRANNY. To try to say that it isn’t just boggles my mind. That is the worst of the Orwellian double speak out there at that moment.

    This is what it looks like when a mass of people make the judgement call that the ballot box has failed. In America, enshrined in the 2nd amendment the people have recourse to that other horrible means of fighting for their “Right of Self Determination”. They have guns, and bullet boxes to feed them with.

    I have been right here, predicting that this is going to become a decision point for years. Ballot Box or Bullet Box. BOTH are available in America. They BOTH have to be there, or Liberty can not stand.

    Violence unacceptable. What rubbish.

  • john hare

    Violence may be an answer in some cases, but it is a tenth best solution, if that. Read up on the results of the vast majority of armed revolutions in history. Very, very few have a positive outcome. Either they fail with much suffering of the innocent along with the active participants. Or they succeed and hand power to people as bad or worse than the previous, and with much suffering of innocent. Or in extremely rare cases there is a positive result.

    1. How many failed revolutions are you aware of?
    2. How many revolutions that handed power to even worse actors are you aware of?
    3. Other than the American Revolution, how many that had an unambiguously positive outcome are you aware of?
    Any student of history will run out of fingers and toes on the first two, and might not run out of thumbs on the third.

    We are a very long way from an armed revolution being desirable. This is not to say that violence is always off the table, but rather to say that it is seldom the first answer. Break into my house or try to drag me out of my truck, and you will likely gain about 230 grains of weight, or some multiple thereof. Swing at me and we will find out in a few seconds but you won’t get shot. But short of that, I will look for non-violent solution as much as possible.

  • Darwin Teague

    This operation was planned well ahead of time and was executed perfectly. It worked. A small group of people (Antifa) broke into the Capitol while President Trump was giving his speech. It is about a 30-45 minute walk from the location of the speech to the Capitol building. Police removed barriers and waved the Trump supporters right in. That way President Trump and his followers could be blamed.

    You have to give them credit. It worked perfectly. It interrupted the contesting of electoral votes and changed everything when they came back. With Trump supporters being blamed, very few in Congress stuck to doing the right thing.

  • Pat MacManus

    I am stunned at the amount of evidence I have seen(didnt go looking) proving the election was tampered with in several ways as well as several videos that just don’t fit the story being floated out by the usual suspects. I truly cant understand how so many American people cant or won’t see how Clinton, Biden, Obama, Comey and many others HAD to win this election or do time. Trump had the goods on them all. There was no other option. These people in video are professionals, bought and paid for. Trump supporters are mostly kind old fat grandparents. The left has always been dirty, now being the Clinton party they are outright evil. President Trump was one of the best presidents ever, Americans are for the most part [deleted] stupid, and lazy if they bother to vote, they reelect the same do nothing representitives year after year. They were spoon fed how the right had victimized them and that no one got a fair shake except white people.. unfortunately, the Clinton kabal has seized control of our most important institutions of government. You see, they realized no one can stop them during the first ridiculous impeachment . They will be drunk on the power,and demolish the constitution then punish those who support President Trump and ruin their lives There will never be fair elections again. The American republic has been slaughtered in broad daylight

  • Pat MacManus: You complain about how people are “lazy”, but don’t even bother to read the very boldly listed rules just above the reply box that forbid the use of obscenities. Jeez.

    I have deleted the curse word. This is a warning. Next time you will be suspended for a week.

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