“These two businesses did not get looted in Ferguson”

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Can you guess why?



  • Kelly Starks

    Yeah a big study on guns showed high numbers of gun owners in communities(cities/countries) always equated to lower rates of violent crime. And violent criminals, rampage nut mass killers etc, go to low gun, gun controlled areas. Bottom line: predators don’t like becoming prey.

    A very politically incorrect reality.

  • Cotour

    Those “facts” that you have supplied are certainly made up, it is well known that when gun free zones are created and fewer responsible individuals do NOT have firearms, people, even of the the more aggressive and lawless kind behave in a more civilized, courteous and respectful way. And in addition government can be trusted with the peoples freedoms. Pure right wing, Rush Limbaugh, NRA, Founding Fathers BS!

  • Kelly Starks

    No that’s a complete fantasy. From professors withy chairs at Princeton, to FBI stats, to news reports. fewer guns drives up violent crime. Nationally, internationally, etc. Even with very consistent rises year after year after gun control is slamed on, and same rates of declines after they rae reduced.

  • Cotour

    Are you sure? Isn’t it that the people in America having access to the guns is what causes the American people to do all of those bad things that they do? If there were no guns how could anyone shoot another person? I don’t believe the FBI statistics that you site, people just don’t do those things, if you give them the chance by having the government take away all of the guns they will love each other instead of shooting each another. Isn’t that the nature of man?

    Have you ever read any comment that I have ever made on this site / subject?

  • Kelly Starks

    Gun violence is generally “professional”. Criminals using it to commit crimes, gangs to secure turf, intimidate folks for payoffs, etc. Since gun control laws really have no impact on crooks having guns (they don’t buy guns from stores that follow the laws, the penalties for the crimes dwarf that of having the gun, etc), but does greatly inhibit their victims (prey) from arming themselves. So it makes violent armed crime much safer and more practical for would be criminals. So the violence and weapons usage of crocks goes up. Burglers who used to try to sneek in at night, change to kicking in doors and demanding money at gun point, assuming mush less risk of folks in the house shooting back etc.

    Also even if the gun use declines, the violence goes up. Again, the victims have less ability to fight back so….

    In some cases it brings out more sick crooks, rapists, serial killers, rampage killers (like the guy in Colorado why tried to shoot up the folks in a Batman movie and escape like the joker, or the guy in Connecticut shooting up school children, etc [that god they used flashy looking AR-15’s not more lethal but non “assault style” hunting weapons], etc) who just want to hurt folks and see a opportunity. But mostly its just a practical “business” decision.

    >Have you ever read any comment that I have ever made on this site / subject?

    Of course, why?

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