“They just didn’t think.”

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Guess who didn’t think and in what context!

I will give you one clue: None of this surprised me. I have seen this happen repeatedly for the past five decades, again and again and again and again. Stupidity, and then a refusal to take responsibility, even as Americans look the other way.



  • David M. Cook

    Kinda reminds me of John Kerry, who described his (and other Democrats) reaction to 911: “We went into a conference room and for 45 minutes no one could think”.

    The EPA is nothing but a Democrat job-killing agency which clearly has no idea what it’s doing!

  • Joe

    I read the article, I got the distinct impression that the EPA knew exactly what it was doing when it decided to plug the mine per say, talk of half a billion or so in tax payer super fund money to clean up this mine and the associated rivers is a lot of incentive to play stupid! As for the EPA being a democrat controlled job destruction machine, that’s deliberate too!

  • Edward

    There is the old saying:

    The smartest people go into business; the mediocre people go into science; and the stupid people go into government.

    Congress, the EPA, and the Department of Education demonstrate this regularly (and these are the people in charge of educating our children, which explains a lot about the stupidity of our society). The DOJ, Treasury Department, and State Department have joined in, these past few years.

    Bill Whittle has a thought on how our society has become so stupid.
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9yoQgAQOALc (8 minutes)

    Perhaps the EPA, too, has unlearned everything that they, and everyone else, once knew. Perhaps critical thinking has never been taught to them — or any kind of thinking.

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