Thirty-six incredible landscapes from video games.

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Works of art: Thirty-six incredible landscapes from video games.

I’ve played none of these games and probably never will, but I can agree without hesitation that the artists who created these visions created something beautiful and epic.



  • I should be noted that many of these aren’t even that good of representations of the world which they are taken from. Honest the Screen shots look very rushed to me. Look for images of Guild Wars 2, or any number of games currently on the market. Much like movies Computers can make environments and effects look amazing, its what you do with those worlds that really matters. And much like many of the films coming out of Hollywood most makes can look great and still be very disappointing.

  • I was playing Skyrim today and was in awe of watching an aurora appear above and in front of me, then it gradually disappeared. These games are getting quite amazing to watch.

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